Samsung Galaxy F lays in bed with the Galaxy S5, has much less bezel



The latest Samsung device to be stealing headlines is the Galaxy F, otherwise known as the “Galaxy S5 Prime.” This device is said to be a more premium version of the GS5. The big feature that we’ve seen so far is an alleged metal body. Samsung phones are notoriously plastic-y and cheap feeling. A metal device would be a huge change. Today a new photo of the Galaxy F has leaked.

This new photo shows the Galaxy F right next to the Galaxy S5. We can’t see if the back of the device is metal, but what we can see is equally as awesome. The bezels on the Galaxy F appear to be greatly reduced. The overall size of the device is close to the GS5, but the smaller bezels mean the display is slightly larger. The display is expected to be Quad HD like the LG G3. Obviously Samsung is trying to answer LG’s shot with a new device of their own. We only hope current GS5 owners don’t feel too disrespected.

[via PhoneArena]


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  1. That looks awesome! Hopefully that means that their flagship models going forward will feature the same design language.

    1. I see them continuing the Galaxy F line, so we’d end up getting a Galaxy F2 next year.
      Although with the huge success of the Galaxy S line, it seems stupid to make that line be their mid-range line, replacing it with the F series.

  2. Why not just make the original S5 out of premium materials from the get go instead of putting out a completely separate model that early adopters are bound to get pissed about. Say what you will about HTC’s financial issues, they know how to build a phone without reaching too far into our pockets. No matter how great the Galaxy series looks on paper, I’ll never get past the cheap materials. That’s a significant barrier to entry in my case.

    1. why do you want premium materials in your case?

      1. They feel delicious.

      2. Aaron,

        I have been a Galaxy user for quite awhile. I recently bought the HTC ONE M8 after constant use of the Galaxy Note 3 (which I love). I just wanted to see what the hype was about. I prefer the features, screen real estate, and even the camera on my Note 3, which is plastic of course. However, the premium/metal build quality of the one provides more of “the feel of money spent” than plastic anyday. However, I do not advocate buying a phone just because of build quality. Make sure the specs/numbers match the bill.

    2. The F stands for FU

  3. Why do we need premium materials? Leave it to the iSheep crew and HTC hipster fanboys.

    1. because some people rather feel good about buy products that worth what they pay… simple as that homeboy

      1. If this logic was true HTC wouldn’t be bleeding money every quarter, homie.

        1. Hey hey hey….. Name goes a long way dude…. If Samsung was only a phone maker like HTC, I promise you they wouldn’t be so big because they wouldn’t have their already blinded sheep from all the other products they made which make them seem like the more reliable option

          1. If ifs were fifths, we all would be drunk.

          2. I am a drunk Mofo, I drink fifs of crown all the time and don’t get drunk… It’s a bad habit but still, that logic goes out the window…. “Samsung” big name dude and that is why it’s so successful

        2. HEY! HEY! No need for name calling Home-skillet lol.

    2. Why do you care so much that some ppl like metallic stuff lol.. insecure about your plastic or what?

  4. hmmm..this is a clear shot at the LG G3..2k screen, smaller bezels, metal backing….

    1. Touchwiz is still all over the F though lol

      1. In which millions (people that is) are fine with as they keep all of their vast features.

    2. Hm, is that why the Galaxy F specs leaked in September 2013, THREE MONTHS BEFORE LG leaked G3 specs? Do your homework, son.

      1. OK. Son, but Sammy still did not release it. Until after the LG G3, if no phone came out with a 2k screen this year, then Sammy would of released it with the Note 4 or GS6 in 2015 , but since LG did release the 2K screen first, Sammy has no choice but to release theirs sooner..before LG gathers Market share of the 2K realm..

        …Also Those leaks did not indicate Bezel size, Sammy could have easily repackaged the GS5, but no they made the bezels smaller..I’ll do my HW, you use your common sense…..if you have any….

        1. Fact: Sammy leaked it first: 2k screen, metal body, Snapdragon 805 SoC. End of story. LG took at a shot at them to try and compete. Which they won’t.

  5. this may fit my hand better.. 5.2 vs 5.5

  6. Any potential release date for this beast?

  7. Looks like maybe the screen is a 5.3, instead of a 5.1 now? More screen real estate on top, bottom and sides. Just doing a size comparison on Phonearena with the original Galaxy Note and the difference in screen size looks about the same as the S5 vs. F pics above. Having the Note 3 now, the only thing that would force me to consider picking up the Note 4 (rather than waiting for the foldable Note 5) is if they fit a 6 inch screen into the same or smaller physical dimensions of the current Note 3. I’m very happy with what LG did on the G3 because it’s forcing other OEM’s to pay attention and not just settle on the concept “bigger is better.”

  8. Personally, I’d rather have the no-bezel screen in a plastic case.

  9. After looking at the picture more closely, does anybody else think this was photoshopped? On the right edge in particular, of the phone that’s on the left, I’m making out a straight vertical line line where the black bezel would normally be, but instead has the colors from the lockscreen extended.

    I saved the pic and drew a circle around the area that I noticed the vertical line:

  10. Maybe this version won’t be waterproof resulting in smaller bezels.

  11. That minnimal bezel is what the GS5 should have been, it might have actually justified such a large size for the phone. Now if only they could make a 4.7″ version like that.

    1. A 4.7″ phone with thin bezel and specs like that would be perfect. I really don’t like all these +5″ phones :/

  12. I can’t read the comment section anymore. Last year a good deal of you were whining about the S4 being plastic. Now images are released showing a Galaxy with “premium” materials, and you still whine. If hear the word “premium” one more time, I swear. My personal hell is watching Chris Chavez finger an HTC One while having a nerdgazm over aluminum.

  13. Excited… Let’s bring it to the market asap.

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