‘WakeUp’ unlocks your Android phone when you pick it up


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Picking up your phone and turning the screen on can be a real pain in the #firstworldproblems. Who has the time for that? If you pick up your phone and hold it at a certain angle it should just know that you want the screen unlocked. Right? That is exactly what a new app called “WakeUp” does, and it doesn’t require root access.

If you’re not concerned about keeping strangers out of your phone, this is a simple way to automate unlocking your device. Simply install “WakeUp” from the Play Store, activate device administrator in the app, and then tap “Activate” and “Automatically Monitoring.” When you pick up your phone and hold it at a certain angle it will be unlocked. The sensitivity of the angle can be adjusted in the settings. The app will also automatically lock your phone when you set it down.

Apps like these are what make Android so awesome. If this sounds like something you need you can download it below for free.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. copping.

    1. A feel? Or what?

  2. So every time you get out of your car, or stand up, or do some crazy ninja moves, the screen will come on? no thanks

    1. Screw that, all my crazy ninja moves would have my battery draining by noon…

    2. The angle that it needs to be is not something that would happen often.

    3. This is literally what I thought of when I read about this.

    4. Proximity censor. Try Gravity screen app.

  3. It’s a neat idea but it needs to be coupled with some sort of biometric security feature to not only make it secure but also ensure it doesn’t turn on just because it’s in your pocket or purse at the wrong angle when you stand up or something. I don’t think our phones are smart enough for this yet.

  4. I want this to laser scan my eyes as soon as I pick it up and then unlock my phone.

  5. It’s called the Moto X and Droid family!
    Glad to see it’s being mimicked and shared on other devices. I hope it works as well as ours does. A lot of my buddies love this feature on my Droid Maxx. I showed this article and a couple installed, lets see if it works!

    1. I have the Moto X and it does not auto unlock that I know of. What are you referring to, the face unlock feature?

  6. Interesting. I’ll have to try it a bit before I go for the PRO version.

  7. FYI The dark theme on the Phandroid app does not work correctly for posts such as this.

  8. seems to be the same as the gravity sreen app.

  9. Off topic
    I’ve searched, but no luck.

    How the hell do I remove the useless addthis toolbar suddenly appearing on the bottom of of phandroid?

    1. if you find out, reply to me so I can remove it as well…it’s annoying

      1. Huh, what are you guys talking about?

        1. Oh, the ad? I had to disable my ad blocker to see what you guys meant. And there’s the answer to your question!

          1. I use AdBlock on Chrome and it didn’t block it automatically. But I just now right-clicked on it and AdBlock has an option available to block that specific ad. So now it’s gone!

          2. thanks 2

          3. thanks 1

  10. Gravity Screen rip off!

    1. I like gravity screen better. It has Tasker support.

  11. Moto X did it

  12. Oh? Sounds cool. But what about battery life? Have people been using apps like this? It doesn’t kill it right?

    *Too lazy to install the app and see for myself*

  13. Could be useful for smartwatches without a built in feature like the gears. Does anyone know if this app keeps the device from fully sleeping preventing maximum battery savings when screen is off?

  14. On my Fujitsu Arrows X, with the screen wake buttons on the back and hidden in the corner, this would be useful (though the fingerprint scanner was still on the back).

    On my Galaxy phones, that oft-ridiculed front-mounted physical button proves its usefulness. I don’t even have to pick the phone up to wake it. Doubling as a fingerprint scanner on the S5 makes it really useful.

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