Jun 10th, 2014


With everything Amazon is doing these days it’s easy to forget that they got their start with books. Kindle e-book readers and apps are still their bread and butter. Today they updated their Kindle app for Android with an awesome new feature. Amazon is putting their ownership of Audible to good use by finally integrating it into the Kindle reading app. Users can now seamlessly switch between reading and listening to their favorite books.

Whispersync now works for voice as well, which means you can pick up an audio book right where you left off across devices. It also means your audio and text will always be in sync. Switching between the audio and text happens right inside the Kindle app. You can read while you’re relaxing at home and listen while you’re on the train. The only downside is not every book in Amazon’s library has an audio version, but it’s getting better every day. Do you use audio books more than actual books? How often do you read?

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