Jun 10th, 2014

honeywell lyric

It looks like the Google-owned Nest smart thermostat is finally getting some real competition. Honeywell has announced a new smart thermostat called “Lyric.” This is not their first smart thermostat, but the Lyric looks vastly different from their previous offerings. It’s obvious that the Nest has been a big influence.

Like the Nest, the Lyric is round with a circular display and the temperature can be changed by turning the device like a wheel. It also has an extra display and a couple of buttons on the face. Honeywell has named the device “Lyric” because it is supposed to keep your temperature “in tune.” How does it do this?


The big feature of Lyric is geofencing. Through the Android and iOS apps it knows when you leave the house and when you are close to home. It can adjust the temperature to save energy while you’re gone, and then go back to comfort for when you get back. Your home radius can be adjusted in the settings. Lyric will be available in August from Lowe’s for $279. Are you getting one? Do you already have a Nest?

[Honeywell via Verge]

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