Jun 10th, 2014


We live in a digital age. Everything around is slowly being converted and upgraded. Nothing is off-limits. Even something as simple as a menu at a chain restaurant is not safe. Chili’s (I want my baby back baby back) has announced that it has finished installing tablets at 823 locations in the U.S. These tablets are mounted at tables as a replacement for menus.

These tablets run Android and are made by Ziosk especially for restaurants. They run custom software and are ruggedized to withstand food spills. Customers can order food, drinks, and even pay their bill with the machine. No more waiting around for slow wait staff. Of course, this is both a good and bad thing. These tablets are making the ordering process easier, but also eliminating jobs.

Applebee’s and Buffalo Wild Wings are also making the change to tablets at their respective restaurants. What do you think about these tablets? Are you concerned with companies cutting costs by eliminating employees and replacing them with technology? Do you just want to get your food faster? Have you seen these tablets at any restaurants yet?

[via Gigaom]