Despite power-hungry specs, LG G3 still top in battery life


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One of the best and most overlooked specs of the LG G2 was its incredible battery life. When the LG G3 was announced with monster specs some people were worried that battery life would suffer. Thankfully, it looks like LG has managed to maintain great battery life in the G3, despite the power-hungry specs.

In PhoneArena’s battery life tests the LG G3 came out on top of other flagship Android devices. The G3 lasted 8 hours and 50 minutes while withstanding a test that is meant to replicate “typical real-life usage.” The Samsung Galaxy S5 lasted 8 hours and 20 minutes in the same test, followed by the Sony Xperia Z2 at 8 hours 10 minutes, and the HTC One M8 at 7 hours 12 minutes. How has LG managed to get such good battery life out of this beast?


In testing the G3 the publication mentions that the optimizations LG claimed to make during the announcement event are working as described. If battery life is your #1 concern it looks like the G3 has won this round of flagship devices. Samsung and HTC have also scored “Excellent” in the tests, but if you’re looking for a little extra boost the LG G3 is your phone.

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  1. Now…if they were to come out with a extended battery kit…that would be even better!!!!!!!

  2. Life’s good

    1. Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team…

  3. sub 9 hours of “real life” usage? I’ve getting almost two days on my S5 without a problem. Is this constant video playback or something? Anyone only getting 8 hours or so on the S5 is doing something wrong.

    1. Yeah definitely something off, my G2 is always longer lasting than my cousins’ S5s. That said the one thing I was concerned about with the G3 was battery life, and I’m no longer concerned. G3 is my next phone as soon as it’s available for a decent price.

    2. These are likely from a power user who is also streaming some music. Anybody can get 2+ days with most phones if all it’s used for is checking email and facebook

  4. It’s amazing how far ahead the G3 is from the competition. LG is really giving us the best product they can make. It is very commendable.

  5. The M8 gets better battery life than the G2? I don’t believe that for a second. My gf had an M8 for like a month and one of the reasons she sold it was mediocre battery life. My G2 consistently outlasted her M8 on a daily basis.

    1. Well I wouldn’t say mediocre, my M8 has never failed to last me an entire day (5am-10pm), even on trips taking video/pictures all day. But yeah, my G2 would last 2 days if I didn’t use it much, but I averaged 1-1/2 days with it. My Moto X was mediocre, never lasted a full day, but the M8 has pretty good battery life.

      1. It’s all about perspective. By your standards your are correct, the M8 gets good battery life. However I’m comparing it strictly to the top flagships. For example I would state the moto x battery life as poor. But if I can’t get close to 5 hrs sot I call it a fail lol.

  6. Odd distribution of rating ranges there. Funny how the HTC is deemed “excellent” when it scores almost an hour less battery time than the next higher in the list of excellent rated phoness, but the LG G2 is only “good” at 24 minutes less than the HTC.

    And their actual ranges for the entire lineup in the test (after clicking “view all”) are as follows:
    Poor=193-267 minutes (range of 74)
    Average=283-329 minutes (range of 46)
    Good=332-414 minutes (range of 82)
    Excellent=426-616 minutes (range of 190)

    That’s quite a huge range for “excellent” compared to the other 3 ratings.

  7. Are these results all pre-production Korean models tested on European and/or North American networks? If not, I don’t think this is an apples to apples comparison.

    1. Without knowing the full conditions of the test, how can it be judged. Were all the phones and batteries fresh out of the box? Were multiple samples of each device used to filter out possible defects?

  8. They probably didn’t update G2 testing result after KK update like GSMarena did. It got nice bump with KK beating S5.

    1. That is true, it did get a good bump in battery life after the KK update.. Just that update has been out for quite a while now, I guess it would also be interesting to see which model they used be it GSM or CDMA I would guess the GSM might be a bit better life too..

  9. I know the G2 gets better battery life than the M8 and the S5, this graph is wrong…

    1. wow. I did not notice that..yeah you are right… clearly something not right here…now makes me wonder what type of test this is and what conditions were simulated..

    2. The result for G2 (6 hrs 48 min) seems accurate in my experience

      1. Over 7 hrs for the m8 does not seem accurate at all however.

    3. I have both phones(G2 & M8), I always felt the M8 was slightly better in terms of battery life. This graph confirms it.

  10. Where’s the Droid Maxx?

    1. The Droid Maxx is overqualified. Haha

  11. I am using G2 right now and there isn’t anything that compares with it as far as the battery life goes. Maybe closest thing would be Moto Maxx or something like that but I have never used that. I usually unplug at 7 AM and I use the phone through out the day. Spotify, Pandora and whole lot of web surfing and I never have to plug it in until 9 PM. For me that’s is crazy because I have never had a phone last me this long. I had the s4, sold it when Nexus 5 came out and my daughter dropped the nexus and I replaced it with G2, it blows both of those phones out of the water, not even close as far as the battery life goes.

    1. I agree. Nothing has ever topped my G2. I have the HTC One M8 now, and it does great also, but nothing on the level of the G2.

  12. Some shoddy battery testing going on here…

  13. Color me surprised. It certainly seems like an awesome phone, but I’ll wait to look at a few more hands-on reviews (and play with it in person) before I fully make up my mind.

  14. All these complaints are stupid, who cares what results each device got? I have heard so many reviewers say that the m8 has better battery life than the gs5, who cares? Meeting your own personal needs is the only thing that should matter. We all use our devices differently so of course miles will vary from person to person.

  15. you could always just buy an “extended battery” once they come out from ebay or whatever, if you’re that worried that your phone won’t last you all day :O

    1. Indeed. I have an external battery charger for all my stuff. I play games and watch Netflix all day on my phone.

      It’s also hot in Houston, so my battery dies faster.

  16. Even if these numbers are fudged, I’m glad to see that the iPhone truly is the worst, for power users it just isn’t enough juice.

  17. I’m not worried about these results, I think all the new flagships can last a day or more with usage… not something that should be heavily debated anymore.

  18. Why is the Maxx never included on these charts?

    1. Dude, I always think the same exact thing! I got mine back in December. My phone lasts me from 6 am through 1 am with about ~19% left!

    2. Too much power.

  19. GsmArena says the battery life of the LG G3 is really good but not the best.

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