Jun 9th, 2014

Chris Chavez Google Glass watermark

Update: A Google spokesperson has reached out to us and said: “We have no plans to sell Glass in AT&T stores.”

Google has been slowly inching toward an official release of Google Glass. They opened it up for random one day sales, and right now anyone can buy into the Explorer program if you have $1,500 to spend. When Glass does finally become officially available many people have wondered where it will go on sale. @evleaks may have the answer.

Many Google products are only sold online through the Play Store, with Chromebooks being the exception. Google Glass will most likely also be sold this way, but also in at least one major retailer: AT&T. @evleaks says “AT&T USA will be one of the first retail locations to offer Google Glass for sale to the public.” No release date or pricing was given.

We have to imagine that Glass will be cheaper and more refined when it does go on sale to the public. Right now it’s a bit odd-looking and battery life could be much better. It’s still an extremely cool and futuristic device. The potential for Glass is off the charts, as long as the Glassholes don’t ruin it. Will you be buying Google Glass when it goes on sale?

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