Samsung tablet with 4K display spotted in the wild


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While most of us are still waiting for Quad HD displays (2560 x 1440) to become the high-end standard, Samsung could already be looking ahead to 4K. Qualcomm had a Snapdragon 801-powered Samsung tablet on-hand at a recent event of theirs, but it wasn’t anything we’ve ever seen before.

This particular tablet had a 4K display. It would be the first time we’ve ever heard of Samsung looking to put 4K panels into a tablet, and it’s strange considering the company has yet to reveal their first AMOLED Quad HD tablets. We expect that particular announcement to come next week when Samsung puts on a tablet-centric event over in the Big Apple.

The tablet at Qualcomm’s event didn’t have actual 4K content to show, however they did show how crisp a multi-window setup could look on top of a video running at a resolution of, say, 720p. The resolution gave enough screen real estate to watch a tennis match, see a map of the area, and view scores and stats all at the same time. It’s exciting stuff to say the least, though if Qualcomm’s word is anything to go by we won’t be seeing our first 4K devices launch until the latter portions of the year.

[via TechRadar]

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  1. Won’t that make for very short battery life?

    1. yeah, strong 10 minutes.

  2. Watch 4 1080p videos at once. Souds good to me.

    1. Uhh, that would be 4 720p videos.

      1. Uhh 4k resoultion is 3840 x 2160 so 4 fhd videos. The “quad hd” resolution that was metioned is 2k so idk why that was said instead of 2k.

      2. Nope 4k is 4 times the pixels as 1080p and 1080p is twice the number of pixels as 720p

        1. “4K” is a very overloaded term. Its kinda vague like “4G” :)

          4K TVs (by Sony and others) are 3840×2160 (16:9), which is listed on Wikipedia as 2160p or QFHD. This is not the same as the 4K used in cinemas or filming.

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