First wave of OnePlus One invites rolling out now


OnePlus One invites rolling out

Better check our inbox. The folks at OnePlus have announced, where else, but their Google+ account that they’ve officially begun rolling out the first wave of OnePlus One invites for those that were some of the first to sign up.



Our own Derek Ross received his a short time ago, although I’m still awaiting mine. OnePlus assured us that just about everyone who was looking to buy the device would be able to pick one up during this more general availability, so we’ll have to wait and see if they can ramp up production to meet demand.

Image via Derek Ross


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  1. Derek – what number forum member are you? Maybe they hooked you up because of your favorable Find 7A review.

    1. Trying to get an invite is pretty much impossible. Very frustrating to see that people are now selling phones they have yet to even receive on ebay! I’d chew my arm off to get hold of one though. Arghhhh for an invite…..

      1. LoL!! I asked for an invite and I don’t plan on getting the phone. =.P

  2. you mean this hasn’t been done already. hell I thought they did this week’s so. my interest has already waned.

  3. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz They totally blew the launch

    1. What launch? According to them it wasn’t ever released lol

  4. Meh. This phone is too big.

  5. They botched this. Just release the phone already. Sooner or later people will not care and will not want to wait.

  6. I want one just to support their efforts. A high spec phone running CM out of the box is an android enthusiasts dream. I remember how we celebrated not that long ago when Unrevoked unlocked the Evo and the Droid Incredible. To see this shows how far we’ve come and the future potential of the smart phone.

  7. I am over this phone just the way they handled the launch, smash promo, release date etc etc. Get over yourselves One plus, at the end of the day it’s just another phone.

    1. Clearly they didn’t approach this announcement and promo right at all because you have many trying to explain to folks what it is they really did. Was it a release? Who gets first dibs? Why do I need an invite to buy this device? Just mishandled the whole thing. They have a former Oppo man behind them, this shouldn’t have gone so badly. When HTC reveals a new device nobody is confused about when and where they’ll be able to purchase it.

      What really annoys me is this sentance on their website:

      “We’re so confident about our product that we’ve cut out the middlemen – distributors, retailers, advertisers – and let our fans do the talking.”

      If you’re so confident about your product why not wait until you’ve reached the capacity to sell directly from your website and ship to your customers instead of playing around with this invite mess?

  8. Thought this thing was out already?

  9. I still don’t have my invite yet but I am fine with the way it has been released. Reminds me of the wait and see of which devices was getting the latest cm release first. I understand that the supply was limited and they’re doing the best they can. This is the way cm has always been, doing the best they can.

    1. Not sure what I would do if I get an invite, probably order, but, I would like to wait a month or so, for various reasons, Like getting a rev. b and to make sure there is no major issues,I did flash cyanogen to my sgs4 to get some feel of the opo rim ANd so far so good

  10. Oneplus one is available on oppomart, but $399

    1. Have you purchased/received one for yourself via OPPOMART?

  11. How many invites did they release altogether yesterday?

    1. 150,so,if you do the rough math, odds are,at best,about 1 in 13,000 that someone got an invite on 6/6/14.
      Odds prolly increased on forum/social media (fb/Twittwer/etc…) participation & other unnamed criteria.

      I’m a decent example that being an early member on its own doesn’t get you to the head of the line.
      I was the 14th person to join the OnePlus One forum (back in 12/2013),but,I didn’t start hanging around until recently.
      I didn’t artificially inflate my post count/tweets/etc..,just expressed my desire to get the phone,still have less than ten posts.

      As of 6/7/14,no invite.
      I’m still interested,I’ll get it when it’s available,whether by invite,or,a general release/availability.

  12. The first wave? What is this, Velvet Rope marketing… For an unknown product? Stupid marketing. I wish I would go through all of this to give someone my money.

  13. I got one… No thanks though, I’ll pass

    1. Let me get your invite then ian ?!

    2. Swing it this way if you really intend on passing. Thanks in advance

  14. yawn

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