Moto X 64GB coming to Motomaker this Sunday and yes, you’ll be able to test drive it too


Motorola Moto X DSC00695

Along with the announcement of Motorola’s upcoming “try before you buy” promotion (kicking off this Monday), the Android manufacturer also had another interesting bit of news. Turns out this Sunday, June 8th, a 64GB version of the Moto X will be available on Motomaker as one of the phone’s customizable options.

This confirms previous leaks that Motorola would be introducing a 64GB model and the sheer fact that this will even be an option in Motomaker gives us hope that the upcoming Moto X+1 will also offer the same high storage capacity. The 64GB Moto X will cost $100 more than its 16GB counterpart, which makes sense given the 32GB version comes at a $50 premium.

Combine this with a wood back for an added $25, and you have yourself a fairly expensive off-contract device offering last year’s specs. Looks like carrier availability will be set to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile (unlocked) or Republic Wireless, but nothing of a Verizon option.

Check back with Motomaker this Sunday should you have a hankerin’ for a Moto X with a little more trunk space.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Wonder if there will be a 64gb dev edition.

    1. Could be,as the 32GB Dev Edition is currently out-of-stock.
      However,as of 6/8/14,the standard edition 64GB is still absent from MOTO’s website.

      1. I don’t even see the Verizon Dev Ed listed anymore. The GSM version is listed as out of stock, but no sign of a Verizon one.

      2. Well the Verizon Dev edition is back this morning, but only in 32 GB.

  2. 64GB!!!!! By Golly I want to buy a Moto X now!!!!

    1. Lol. I can never tell if you’re being sarcastic on here… In any case, I still think a 64GB HTC One M7 Developer edition would be a better deal than this.

      1. LOL..IKR….I seem to get that alot on here…I’ll start putting an asterisk (*), at the end of my comments..to signify Sarcasm..lol

        1. Don’t torment ’em.
          Now he’s not sure if lol=(*)……. ;-D

      2. It’s tough to say. Both offer a 4.7′ display. Moto has a smaller form factor and I like the way it feels in my hand. I also prefer the stock software. But the HTC has perks as well, including the speakers and aluminum design. I’d take the Moto X, but I can see why some would prefer the HTC.

  3. This would have been awesome last April. Everything they’ve rolled out for the Moto X needs to be available day one for the successor device.

  4. I missed the part about Verizon versions not being part of this deal. Where did that part come from @chris Chavez?

    1. no cdma model probably

      1. I thought sprint was CDMA?

        1. Oh you’re right didn’t see sprint listed, this is pretty interesting.

  5. Is it 2013? Way too little, way too late.

  6. “but nothing of a Verizon option”

    Because Verizon is still battling with Motorola on branding their name all over the damn device!

    1. I dunno how moto pulled off not having Verizon stamped on the front of the X. Wish other manufacturers would follow suit.

      1. Courage

      2. Motorola and Verizon are in bed together.

      3. The Moto X is basically the same phone as the Verizon Droid Ultra & Maxx, just a different body & screen.

        1. Color options, faster updates, better size for people that use their phone with one hand and best ergonomics ever made

          1. I was simply explaining “how moto pulled off …”. They didn’t :-)
            Sure, this is a better size, but I think most Verizon users would choose the Maxx over this simply for its massive battery (due to past Verizon battery woes with 4G LTE Android phones.)

      4. Only LG gets consistent stamps on the front with Verizon.

      5. That’s one of the best thing about the moto x, it looks so clean on the front

  7. I agree it’s late, but lets hope it’s a sign of things to come from other manufacturers.

  8. I might test drive the phone since it’s a free 2 week trial. I wonder if they actually hold the money on your bank account for 2 weeks. Basically issuing a refund if you return the phone.

    1. They have an FAQ up that explains it. It sounds like you get charged the penny immediately, but then no further charges go through until the 15th day after you received the phone, and that’s only if you haven’t begun the return procedure.

  9. I know its late but honestly if I dropped my X today I’d 100% buy another one. I get to try a lot of phones through my job and the X is the best I’ve ever had.

    1. Agreed!! I admit, have turned into such a Moto X fanboy. I just hope the X+1 is still a pocket phone.

      1. They can make the device 4,9 and shrink the bezels like they did with the Droid maxx. They can also give us size option

    2. I have the Droid MAXX and it is by far the best Android device I have ever had. It is sad that Samsung has such a large marketing budget and making so much noise for its boring phones.

      1. The Droid maxx is sweet but not as nice as the x. The moto x has the size, customisable and ergonomics.

  10. I just wish they’d keep the price dropped ($100 off.. offer from last week) or offer a quad core in the same frame. I think it’s still an awesome phone tree.

    1. I prefer dual core after what we learned about thermal issues. The Moto X has performance on par with or slightly better than the quad core S4 and One M7 due to this issue.

  11. Though…Not tree

    1. You can edit your posts :)

      1. See, if I had a couple of extra cores in my brain, I’d probably figure out how to do that on this app. ;)

  12. People have no idea what a supremely executed device the original Moto X is. With rumors of a 5.2″ display on the X+1, I’m afraid Moto has already lost sight of the ball.

    1. Before the Lenovo deal, former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside stated in January something about customizable screen sizes.

      Wouldn’t mind if the new Moto X had different size options, so long as the original (perfect) option remains.

  13. Just went by the site. $18,000 seems a bit steep, even for 64gbs.

  14. So if the X+1 is really coming out, what would be the point in buying this now? Either wait for the X+1 or buy the 64Gb X when the price drops.

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