YouTube now lets you select your video quality up to 720p


YouTube app live stream

A great new YouTube update has been released that will allow you to fine tune streaming video quality. You’ll now get to specify whether you want your video to play in 144p, 240p, 360p, or 720p. Of course, an automatic mode will be available if you’d rather let the YouTube app decide based on network conditions.

Unfortunately we don’t get access to 1080p, which is a shame considering many high-end phones and tablets support the resolution. This is a good start, though, and we’re sure Google’s weighing their options for further improvements to this much needed feature in the near future. You can grab the update from Google Play right here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Woah. I always thought that when you select HQ, it detects your device’s resolution and makes it that…

    1. I think hq is 480. And hd was 720 but you didn’t have a choice

      1. makes sense…I never bothered researching what resolution HQ was….well I’d be damned….. lol well let me check this 720p on my 720p phone…..

    2. I always thought that too. Guess no matter the resolution, it will always look good and we really can’t tell the difference. =.S

      This would explain why videos look like crap when I use Chromecast. LoL!!

    3. I’ve been screaming this from the rooftops for ever now. It was terribly obvious YouTube only displayed at 720p at max. Super frustrating.

      1. well i still have my GS3 (720p) and my brother’s Nexus 4(720p) and in HQ they look pretty good…its not like YouTube ever stated what resolution is HQ..on my mom’s GS4(1080p), the HQ looks better than the former phones. Hence my theory that it detected the device’s resolution… yeah this does suck…but what can you do?

        1. Demand that Google fixes their free app and gives users what they want? Lol

      2. I thought chromecast was separate and displayed youtube at up to 1080p? It definitely does for Netflix at least.

  2. Ah 240p, we meet again…

  3. This is absolutely ridiculous given Google’s own flagship devices — both the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 — have 1080p displays.

    I’ve known forever now that YouTube didn’t display in full HD, and it’s actually one of the reasons why I’ve been saying the world isn’t ready for 2K. It’s barely catching up to 1080p.

    1. I own a droid razr and I cant see 720p quality.

  4. I wish they better enabled all the interactive features that available on PC. I hate those clips where they say click here and don’t provide link in the description.

  5. So, umm…YouTube never heard of 1080p?

  6. So in ipad is it 1080p

    1. iPhone let’s you manually adjust it all the way up to 720p. Not sure about iPad.

      1. Huh? iPhone doesn’t even have 720p resolution

  7. Well dang I always thought HQ was 1080p. I feel like a fool.

  8. where do u get to specify? I still only see the HQ button…..

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