Jun 5th, 2014

nexus 8 leak 1

Word has it the images you see above and below are that of the Nexus 8, the next (and possibly last) tablet in the storied Nexus line. It’s said to be made by HTC, and if it turns out looking like anything like what we see in these images I’ll definitely want to steer far clear of it.

nexus 8 leak 2

Can you say “holy bezel?” The idea of making 7-inch and 8-inch tablets is to make them more comfortable to carry around and hold, but when you put an 8-inch display into a 10-inch chassis that kind of defeats the purpose. That said, it’s important to take a step back and ask ourselves a couple of things:

  • Is this even real? Could be that this isn’t a Nexus 8 at all, and that someone’s just trying to bamboozle us.
  • If it’s real, is it possible that this is a pre-production prototype? Definitely possible, and if that turns out to be the case we’ll be more than relieved.

Regardless, if HTC is, in fact, the manufacturer of the next Nexus tablet then we’re sure it’s in pretty good hands (if we’re judging by the HTC One M8’s beauty, anyway). Guess we’ll have to wait for Google I/O later this month to find out for ourselves.

[via MyDrivers]

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