Tomorrow only: pick up a gold HTC One M8 for only $100 on-contract [DEALS]



For those still on the fence about picking up one of the best smartphones currently on the market, starting tonight at midnight, you can pick up the Amber Gold version of the HTC One M8 for only $99 on-contract with free shipping.

Similar to HTC’s $100 promotion earlier this month, the offer is only good for 1 day only and only directly through HTC’s online store (linked below). Also, keep in mind this only applies to Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint models (T-Mobile still has the off-contract One M8 for $0 down).

The best part is you wont need any special promo code to nab the deal, just simply visit HTC’s online store starting tonight at 12AM (CT), choose your carrier, pick the gold One M8, and you’ll see the new price reflected in your cart. Only question left now is, who’s buying?

[Image via HTCSource]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Any idea if I can keep my grandfathered unlimited data plan with Verizon. I really want to get rid of my crappy Galaxy Nexus…no Sprint here in Waterville, ME same goes for T-Mobile they still are stuck on 2G….

    1. It’d probably be the best idea to ask your provider rather than us internet nerds.

    2. Sorry. I was told by Vzw rep that I would lose unlimited. Worth asking though.

    3. In Oregon, my wife upgraded recently from a plan with grandfathered unlimited data. We were told that to receive the subsidized phone cost (upgrade), she would be getting the 6GB data plan in place of unlimited.
      Additional info, we’re on a family plan together and i did not upgrade yet, my line kept the unlimited data. 6GB was a special promo, the sales reps didn’t know how long Verizon would be offering that as a replacement for unlimited, but it will, at some point, be a 2GB swap.

      1. I am in the same boat. I’m hoping there’s a sneaky way to get subsidized phone + hold on to grandfathered data. They want people off of unlimited so badly the 6gb deals are basically bribes, i imagine the bribes will get bigger not smaller. The bribes started at 3gbs a while back. 6 right now would be more than plenty for me… but predicating future usage in 2 years…4 years…. 10 years… is tricky.

  2. The All new HTC One M8 is designed for those that demand quality and precision. If you ask the internet it’ll tell you the same…

    1. because everything you read on the internet is true.

      1. As if anyone thought otherwise……………….. ;-)

  3. Please don’t mention the 0 down on T-Mobile. It’s hardly a ‘deal’ as we still pay the same full price in the end.

    1. Lol. Last time I said “sorry, T-Mobile customers,” someone got pissed because they get theirs for $0 down.

      1. Lol. Silly humans.

  4. People still sign cell phone contracts?

    1. Ummm Yea this is America. That ain’t changing any time soon.

      1. I’m in America and haven’t signed a contract in years. With so many great pre paid options now that use the same towers there is no need to sign a contract

  5. Are you sure this isn’t just Verizon and Sprint? Can’t find any AT&T models on HTC’s store site.

    Edit: Check that… you have to go to the HTC store run by Best Buy to find it.

  6. I ordered it for Sprint. Should be here Monday or Tuesday! At first I wanted the gray version but gray was sold out for Sprint during the entire sale last time. But after looking at some pics and vids of the gold edition, it quickly grew on me. It is quite nice lookin’!

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