Buy mom an HTC One M8 for $100, tomorrow only [DEALS]


htc one m8 gunmetal silver

Heads up: Mother’s Day is fast approaching — this Sunday to be exact — and if you haven’t gotten your mother a gift, don’t fret. HTC is hoping to make things a little easy on you by offering up the HTC One M8 for only $99. For those unaware, that’s about 50% off of the normal price of an HTC One M8 on-contract, making this one helluva deal.

The sale kicks off tomorrow/tonight at exactly 12:01AM for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon (sorry, T-Mobile customers), where it will run all the way until 11:50PM (CT). It’s arguably one of the best smartphones to date and should you need a little a second opinion, make sure to take a look at our in depth review here. You can pick up the HTC One M8 for all the previous listed carriers via directly through HTC’s site linked below.


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  1. price drop already? LOL..what a joke. Looking like the blackberry pricing model.

    Thank god i didn’t buy this phone on release date. I expect it to be $50 by fathers day and $0 by the 4th of July.

    Go HTC Go. lol

    1. All I heard was Gary Oldman in my head saying “blah blah blah”

    2. It’s a Mother’s day special for 24 hours. Next time read the article.

    3. You fail and aren’t funny… plus your life and soul sucks.

      1. I chuckled at the “your life suck” parts, but I died laughing at the “Your soul sucks” part.

        1. LOL…it’s funny because it’s true.

    4. Galaxy S5 is $100 off on Verizon and it’s not just 1 day, it’s all weekend. Just stop, man.

    5. I thought this was a sale, not a price drop? Huh… I’ve seemed to have gotten them confused.

  2. Gs5 is 100 on Verizon right now

  3. They should have had T-Mobile knock $100 off the outright price if that’s essentially what they’re doing for the other carriers. That part IS an HTC fail. I still wouldn’t have bought it, but it sure makes it more enticing.

  4. Sorry t-mobile? Tmobile’s is 0$……

    1. You still pay off your phone over the course of 24 months… lol
      $0 down doesn’t mean it’s free.

      1. I know that (I have one) lol. Who said anything about free? I just said it’s already $0

  5. Thanks for appreciating us on T-Mobile HTC, not surprising tho as T-Mobile is in bed with Samsung.

    1. WTF!? You do realize why it’s not like that on Tmo, right? You pay for the phone outright. That would mean it’s over $500 cheaper that day if they sold it for $100. LoL!!

      Contracts have the phone subsidized. Remember?

      1. What I mean is a deal for us, OBVIOUSLY not the same one. They could have offered $100 off full price and I would have bought one.

  6. so i have to sign a contract to get it at this price?

  7. Its not true just tried with at&t and it was still 199

    1. The deal will start exactly 12:01 AM…………………check out……telecomvibe(dot)com

      1. The article claims it was due to start 5/8 at 12:01.

  8. Unlocked and Developer edition are still fking $700. I would have gotten my M8 if they lowered it back to $650. Oh well, time to wait for the G3 anyways. Bye hTC!

  9. Already out of stock for Sprint.

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