Popular iOS app Sunrise Calendar rises and shines on Android


Another iOS app has found its way in the Google Play Store. This time, Sunrise Calendar hops on over for folks on Android, giving us a calendar app that is as beautiful as it is functional. (And if you’ve ever used the Google Calendar app for any extended amount of time you’d know that’s something many folks desperately seek.)

sunrise calendar for android

The app fully integrates with Google Calendar and iCloud, and gives you the same set of tools and options that those stock offerings provide. It even comes with a widget that doesn’t suck — that alone should sell you on its worth, though perhaps its free price tag does a better job. No use not trying it, so be sure to grab it from Google Play right here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Looks cool though I am more than happy with S Planner. May give this a try still

    1. Yeah s planner is one piece of Samsung bloatware that really is nice.

    2. S Planner is very functional, but I hate the look of the interface. I wish they’d make it a little less clunky looking.

  2. No ActiveSync integration? Not even Apple could get away with that on the original iPhone launch. Pretty but also pretty useless for anyone with a job.

    1. It’s much nicer than the default app but without exchange integration it’s useless to me. I’m really hoping Peek release and Android version of their app soon!

  3. This is far more functional than Cal. I’m in.

  4. I prefer Event Flow widget as far as displaying the calendar and agenda. Very attractive.

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