May 29th, 2014

Android Wear UI actions

Google I/O is barreling at us as it’s set to kick off late next month, and Google is drumming up some excitement for the big event. One of the many things we expect to see at the show is a deeper look at Android Wear, which is an Android-based wearables platform that Google introduced for smart watches a couple of months ago.

They’ve been urging developers to make applications with notifications implemented in a way that would work seamlessly and beautiful on Android Wear smartwatches. While most notifications are already supported with basic functionality, they’ve released lots of new APIs that will allow app developers to make those notifications even more rich (such as music controls for your music app, or the ability to page through multiple notification items instead of only being able to see the absolute latest alert).

Android Wear notifications

Google is giving us another look at some Android Wear notifications today. A couple of screenshots show how the Nest home thermostat and smoke detector can alert you to conditions at home, how your calendar can remind you of an appointment, and how Clash of Clans can tell you that your trips are ready for battle. These seem to work just like traditional Android notifications — picture, app name, pertinent info.

Then we zoom over to an example of an app that can do more advanced things, such as Pocket Casts with a pause / playback button, and the ability to skip tracks. These obviously won’t represent the most exciting use cases of Android Wear notifications, but we imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more by the time June 25th rolls around. Have a look at the gallery above.

[via Google+]

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