LG G3 struts its stuff in new ad [VIDEO]


Need to see a condensed version of LG’s G3 unveiling yesterday? This first advertisement video is as good as you’re going to get, as the company gives you a look at all its curves, features and beauty in an easily-digested two minute video.

Of course, our announcement post has all the details in text form and you can find some hands-on with the device right here, so be sure to check those out if you’re looking for an even deeper look at LG’s 2014 flagship. Otherwise be sure to feast on the video above!

lg g3 ad still

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Seems like LG is making all the right moves. This is a pretty dope visual backed by an awesome phone.

  2. This is the only phone that could have stole my attention from the M8. I really dont know what the 1watt speaker will actually sound like but I am a man of good sounding audio on my phone, so unless this thing really competes with HTC sound quality I’ll say they need to figure out how to keep it this beautiful and get them speakers to the front… But other than that I like every other thing about this bad boy….. BTW screw Samsung

    1. It will definitely not compete with BoomSound. Despite that, I’ll get the G3 over the M8 anytime.

      1. Y, what would make u do that

        1. Not sure about Guillaume, but I just bought an M8 and I H8 it (sorry, couldn’t resist the joke).

          On a serious note, there are just too many things I don’t like about the M8 after using it for a week:

          1) The bluetooth audio for phone calls is atrociously low. Never had a problem hearing people with my Nexus 5, but with the M8, it’s so low that I can’t hear people at all if I’m driving on the highway.

          2) Even with the screen-knock (or whatever they call it on the M8) turned off, the phone still turns on in my pocket all the time. I butt-messaged about ten people on Facebook yesterday by accident. I’d like to point out that I don’t carry anything else in that pocket, just my phone.

          3) The signal strength is terrible compared to my Nexus 5 (another tri-band LTE phone). Also, when it loses signal, it won’t reconnect when I move back to an area with signal. I have to actually reboot the phone to get signal back. NEVER happened with my Nexus 5, my SGS4, SGS3, or other phones on Sprint in the exact same areas. Also, this happens in multiple towns, so its very unlikely that this is tower-related.

          4) Can’t get rid of the shortcut icons on the lock-screen. This drives me NUTS. I know I can just install a custom lock-screen, but I shouldn’t have to.

          Other than that, the phone does have it’s positives. The boom sound does indeed sound great. Considering how rarely I listen to music out loud, though, it’s almost a feature that’s wasted on me. Also, the metal body of the phone does feel great and the battery life is definitely better than my Nexus 5.

          So, I’m going to be returning the M8 today, reactivating my Nexus 5 and I’ll be getting a G3 when it launches on Sprint. I just hope that Sprint offers more than just the ugly ass gold color. The white G3 is pretty rad looking.

          1. The only thing I agree with is the M8 turns on , I made a couple mistakes dialing 911, every other points, completely disagree

          2. And you may not have any of those issues. Some of that depends on what network you have the phone on.

            I have plenty of friends that love the M8. I just know that it’s not the phone for me, sadly.

    2. I think it’s perfect for those who dont want or need two huge front facing speakers along with a super nice ois camera.

      1. Super nice ois camera lol, how u know its super nice… Because of the mp, I just read a camera review between lg and s5. LG still has its short comings in the camera department… Shutter speeds apparently weren’t so great and from what I know m8 has better shutter speed

  3. Now give me all of that goodness….in a 4.7″ device, please. Thanks.

  4. Looks BA but I’ve got the M8 and cannot justify another $600+ phone. I will probably eventually grab an OPO

  5. Boinggggggggg

    1. ikr

  6. I might snatch this up soon! My note 2 is in danger of a swift Craigslisting! LOL

  7. Makes me wonder if Google had a secret hand in this to wrestle some market share away from Samsung

    1. It’s a mix of the G2 and Google Nexus 5 I think lol. It’s like a evolution to the G2 more than anything.

  8. That Transformers style G3 logo at the very end is tiiiiiiight.

  9. I hope the black is actually black and not some greyish color.

  10. I want this, anybody want to buy a galaxy s4? Excellent condition has been cased its entire life.

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