Google Search can now pull up you car rental reservation info, adds hands-free reminders


Google Search Rental Car Reservations

Google Voice Search is increasingly becoming one of the most useful functions in Android. With every passing date, it seems like we’re learning new commands — and updates to existing ones — we can speak into Voice Search.

The latest is the ability to ask the Google Search app “when is my rental car reservation,” and it’ll pull up all the relevant info in a handy card. Google likely skims this info from your Gmail inbox and we’d guess it’s only a matter of time before other types of reservations can be pulled up in the future.

Google Voice Search reminder update

In an update to an existing voice command, it appears the ability to set reminders can now be done completely hands-free. Previously, asking Google Search to set a reminder would get things started, but you’d have to physically interact with your device to finish it up. Now, Google Search will listen in between prompts, allowing you to set the time, place, or go even go back.

These new updates appear to have been activated behind the scenes on Google’s side of things, or possibly during the last update. In any case, you can update Google Search right now if you haven’t via the link below.

Download/update on Google Play: Google Search

Thanks, Tito_01!

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  1. I just had a conversation with my phone about setting a reminder. Future is here!

    1. Feel like I should buy it some kind of a gift now. O_o

  2. Lovely. I need to rent a car this Tuesday for an interview. I guess I get to see this first hand.

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