May 21st, 2014

dollar signs

In “not so surprising” news, it was recently revealed that Google — in remarks to the SEC regarding mobile revenue disclosure — explained that they could see advertising on, well, everything. Billboards erect into the sky and posters are plastered onto buses, trucks, and even personal vehicles. Television programming, mobile apps, your email, and even your shirts — all have advertising.

So why not your thermostat (Nest, anyone?)? Your washing machine? Your smart glasses? Your car dashboard? Your smartwatch? Your refrigerator? That’s the future Google says is very plausible.

Now, it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean Google is certainly going to do that. This just opens the possibility that they could, and lets us know that they’ve been thinking about it.

I personally don’t get too miffed over seeing ads where they make sense, as long as they aren’t obtrusive or distracting. That said, I think I’d be really upset if I couldn’t walk around my house without seeing a big “BUY” sign being flashed at me around every corner. How would you feel about ads being put on all these things?

[via WSJ]