LG G3 preview event confirms a handful of specs, reveals a few surprises too



We’re barely six days until LG officially takes the wraps off the LG G3 and the phone has already all but been revealed. Aside from the recent string of leaks showing off the phone in every angle thanks to leaked press images, the only real question is exactly how big the phone will be, and its expected launch date.

At least one of those questions is being answered in — you guessed it — another leak, this time from LG themselves who held a special preview event in their homeland of South Korea.


Leave it to someone (hopefully not an employee) to capture images of the slides being shown during the event, spoiling nearly every detail we expect to see during LG’s official May 27th reveal. The most noteworthy slide showed the phone’s actual dimensions, which helps the phone measure in just a hair taller and wider than the Samsung Galaxy S5. Here are the specs confirmed in the leaked slide:


  • 146.3mm x 74.6mm x 8.9mm
  • Android KitKat 4.4
  • LTE, LTE-A
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
  • 32GB internal storage, 3GB DDR3 RAM
  • 5.5-inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440) IPS
  • 13MP OIS (optical image stabilization) camera / 2.1MP front-facing camera
  • 3,000mAh battery
  • USB 2.0 / Bluetooth 4.0 LE / NFC


Also discussed was a powerful new 1W speaker for a volume boost — an area sorely lacking from the previous generation LG G2. In a later slide we find mention of the LG G3’s mysterious black sensor which, according to recent leaks, suggested could be some sort of laser sensor to help with auto focusing. According to the slide, that sounds about right, but the exact technology involved wasn’t made clear.

Of course, we’ll keep an eye out for any other leaks as they come in. Now that we know the exact size of the LG G3 — almost the same height as the HTC One M8 — has that changed anyone’s opinion about the phone?

[via GforGames]

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  1. Other sites are reporting that it says the battery is removable. Epic.

  2. This phone is epic, if it weren’t for the price it’d be my next phone

  3. Waterproof?

  4. 801? Damn it all to hell I thought we’d see some 805s by now. Oh well, more waiting.

  5. Only flaw you can say the phone has is the USB 2.0. The 3.0 is better for flagships.

    1. My Note 3 has USB 3.0 and when I connect it to USB3 port on my computer I really don’t see the difference between the two.

      1. I have the Note 3 as well. The difference comes from charging your phone from an outlet. It’s meant for faster charging. At least it has USB 2.0 support as well too unlike Crapple’s iPOS5.02020194282358.

        1. Are you sure? I was under the impression that it’s just for faster data transfer and faster charging over a USB 3.0 computer. I don’t think it helps with charging from a outlet.

          1. Well, my Note 3 charges faster than the Note 2, so I thought it was that.

        2. apple’s charger is far superior to usb 2.0… Not only can it also play audio from its charge port, my girlfriend’s phone charges in like a half hour while on. My nexus 4 however needs a few hours, even with the phone completely off.

          1. You’re comparing old Tech to new tech. The SGS5 with USB 3.0 also charges that fast. As for the connection for music play, that’s a matter of preference. I like bluetooth more than physical connection.

          2. He mentioned USB 2.0 support… and i said the lightning has many advantages over a generic usb 2.0… I’d take a lightning port in my nexus over my USB 2.0…. And yes the GS5 has 3.0 but most of the other flagships do not, unfortunately. Hopefully that USB 3.1 comes standard sometime soon (reversible and much tinier port).

            Also, yes you can listen to music over bluetooth IF you can use bluetooth. My car is a 2005 model, so it does not come with bluetooth, so i have to have an extra aux cable connected as well as the usb charger connected to play music.

            Again im not saying its better than USB 3.0. but its better than the standard 2.0 in my opinion, and 2.0 doesnt look like its going anywhere anytime soon unfortunately.

          3. People forget that the one disadvantage of the lightning connector is the shockingly low amount of people that have the lightning chargers when you don’t have yours with you.

          4. I’m not saying its perfect, its also more expensive than a usb 2.0 cable, but if given the option, i’d probably choose lightning over generic usb 2.0.

  6. If the G PRO 2 (with it’s removable battery/expandable memory) fails to make it’s way to the Western Hemisphere & this,the G3,lacks both,LG can expect lukewarm sales at best.

  7. Ok Samsung, show me what you got!..

  8. This is a sweet phone. If I had to dump my Note 3 I would pick up this without question. This near bezel less beast looks beautiful. Would have liked to see USB 3.0 as the new standard, but can’t have it all.

  9. Too late… I’m getting a beautiful new HTC One M8

    1. Just jumped to the M8 myself and loving it. Next stop will be the note 4 when I’m due for another jump in November.

      1. Or the M8 Prime.

        1. Oh yeah that’s a definite possibility as well!

      2. Good to hear bro. Yea I was dead set on waiting for the next big thing… Mainly the Prime and G3 but after playing with the M8 sometime now… I’ll be fine with it. My G2 has served me well but I want a change now.

        1. He’s not your bro, man.

          1. My biggest hater/admirer is back… Stop following me. Its creepy.

          2. Not following you. Your swag/douchefaggery in your comments compels me to reply and inform you of it. When said behaviour ceases you might find that the universe won’t have quite as great a desire to see you die a gruesome death.

          3. You were following me, that’s the faggotory side of you trying to come out of that miserable closet you’re in. Secondly just because my swag is in inconceivable levels compared to that of yourself doesn’t mean you should spend hours out of your say to follow my social movements online. Thirdly I’m cracking up laughing at you :-)

  10. Hot damn I love some good Android competition.

    1. Chris I took the plunge got me a brand new gun metal M8 love it !

      1. Congratulations the m8 is an awesome phone, it’s a great time to be an android fan.

        1. Thank you man, yes it is. ! I’m loving this phone, HTC did a Hell of a job

          1. You could say it’s a hell of a phone (drug).

      2. I got me a depleted uranium Galaxy S5 Prime from Russia (just to shut the plastic haters up).

        1. Lmao

  11. It’s looking more like Note 4 or perhaps M8 Prime for me. Lack of USB 3.0 and 801 snapdragon just isn’t cutting it. Not crazy about the M8 Prime bezels however.

    If I could find a device with 805 Snapdragon, 4 GB ram, 3300mah battery or higher, 2k 5.5 or 5.7 inch display, front facing speaker, USB 3.0, as less of a bezel as possible, OIS camera, I’d be all over it.

    1. Add a MHL 3.0 to that to be future proof..
      I realized that protection cases will compensate the small bezels:)
      Still LG has the best looking flagships compared to any other

      1. HTC

        1. see bezel to screen ratio.
          moreover bezel hiding in a black color to fool as screen

          1. still, HTC looks prettier even with the bezel. But the LG looks attractive as well.

    2. You just described a 2015 flagship.

      1. exactly. Chris beat me to it by 6 minutes.

      2. Or the Note 4! Minus the front facing speakers, but one can dream tho right.

      3. Chris, when do you think we’ll see 805 devices I remember reading that they were supposed to drop in may?

        1. i read 2nd half 2014

      4. I agree with jfelts, although I’ll be happy with 3GB RAM.
        I think the 805 processors will roll out in time for the Holidays at the latest. and I think the 2015 flagships will be using an 810 and 808.

    3. You’ve made me wonder whether 3GB of RAM will be able to deal with 2K video output on top of everything else.

    4. I still have a feeling the G3 will have the 805…
      Regardless, G Pro 3?

  12. I’m getting the G3, Surface PRO 3 and Moto 360. It’s the year of the 3! No cohesion between the ecosystems though :(.

  13. None of those pictures look a 9:16 screen except first

  14. as I see it….we are looking at a bump from SD800 to 801, 2GB RAM to 3GB, 5.2 inch to 5.5, and 1080p to 2k….hope it runs smoothly with all them extra pixels

  15. How does a 1W speaker compare to the S4?

  16. Worried about battery life, the g2 had excellent stamina, but it looks like it’ll be the same battery capacity with a quad hd display, and the s801 is a good chip don’t get me wrong but it’s a miniscule improvement over the 800, so the g3 will be very similar to g2 in terms of computational power but is driving a lot more pixels. I’m a little bit worried now.

    1. As long as it is a removable battery, I’m fine.
      If It wasn’t, I would be concerned about the display power draw.

    2. i dunno, i don’t think it’ll be THAT much of an impact on battery.

    3. I also don’t get the push for the Quad HD screens rumored on every new phone for the next 6 months although as long as it doesn’t become a trend that carries to 2015 flagships it’s fine.

  17. taller than the galaxy s5! deal breaker for me, i don’t like anything bigger than the gs4.

    1. Yeah, I’m leaning this way, too. The OnePlus is definitely too chunky for my taste, and the G3 looks like it’s sized right between that and the GS5. Ugh. All of the flagships seem at least a little too big coming from my GS3. Maybe I should just give up and embrace the phablet.

      1. Maybe go with the G2, bigger screen, not much bigger of a phone.

    2. You two are preaching to the choir. S3 with a good case fits relatively well in my pocket. Oneplus is way too big for me to pocket, though. G3 might work but I’ll have to check. Not sure what to replace my S3 with now.

    3. Seems like there’s a market for “mini” phones (just under 5″) with flagship specs or close. Oh well, I’ll hang on to my S3 a while longer.

  18. Well, I guess you could say OnePlus properly fucked up. Except for the price, but all that hype… And here comes the G3. BANG!

    1. all that hype and the specs are the same as the g3…. i’m looking for the g3 as well, but we can’t really say the OnePLus “fucked up” anything except for a limited release.

      1. And the size. And saying they’ll release the flagship killer and no other smartphone can be up to par. Well, I believe they’re just about to get beaten.

        1. Size is a preference. Yes many think its too big, including me. However what exactly did they get beat with? The specs are the same.

          Obviously we need reviews and comparisons before any official judgement, but flagship killer is different from “no other smartphone can be up to bar.” The biggest selling point of the Oneplus is its price. I think its never settle tag was you can get a phone at a decent price with specs that can match any phone out there. And it looks like it’s spec are matching that of the g3, gs5, and m8.

          1. Sure, we’ll have to wait for the reviews to roll in, but I reckon Never Settle meant “do not settle for anything other than perfect”. Of course this isn’t possible, but to me it doesn’t look like they even made more of an effort than any other manufacturer.

          2. They made the same exact effort as every other manufacturer correct and they did so at HALF the price. When they said never settle i took them to mean just because you are paying budget prices it doesnt mean you have to settle for a budget phone.

            Never settle, top of the line flagship specs… budget price.

  19. My Nexus 5 screen is on the fritz, so instead of just getting it fixed, I’m jumping to something new. The only dilemma is to wait for this (or the HTC M8 Prime), or just grab an HTC One M8. Suggestions?

    1. I am in a similar situation. I think I’m going to go with the HTC One M8. The LG G3 looks neat but I much prefer HTC’s Sense UI. The M8 Pro will likely be a bit too bug and expensive for me, so I will most likely go with the HTC One M8.

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