May 21st, 2014

Guess a rugged outer shell wasn’t the only exclusive feature Samsung was planning for their still unannounced Galaxy S5 Active. As shown off by TK Tech News in their latest hands-on video, Samsung has added a few device specific hardware and software features, the first being a barometer — not found in the regular Samsung Galaxy S5.

The barometer can be read via the S5 Active’s new “Activity Zone” app, a swiss army knife for active individuals that features not only S Health, but a flashlight and compass as well. Definitely handy if you’re lost in the woods and trying to get home. We wonder if Samsung wont soon make this app available via their in-house Samsung app store in the coming weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Key settings

Also new for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is a handy little physical button that dubbed the “Active Key.” This button can be configured in the Settings app to launch any app you’d like with a tap and another with a long press. Pretty neat considering it’s been awhile since we saw a dedicated camera button.

Probably the most noteworthy feature that is sure to piss off a few Galaxy S5 owners: the inclusion of what appears to be an OIS (optical image stabilization) camera. Keep in mind that this is still unconfirmed, but after TK Tech News noticed some rattling in the camera, he took both the S5 and S5 Active out for a camera face-off.

Now it’s not certain, but after comparing the video from both cameras, it really does appear that Samsung went with an OIS camera in the Galaxy S5 Active. See for yourself in the video below.

Perhaps the reasoning was that “active types” are more likely to take pictures and videos while running/biking. Who knows. Of course this could also mean Samsung forfeited their ISOCELL camera in the Active, so regular S5 users shouldn’t be too peeved.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is looking like a pretty slick Android. And not just for the outdoorsy types, but for anyone looking for something different than offered from the current Galaxy S5. Someone slap me, I kinda like what I’m seeing so far…

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