Verizon is rolling out HD voice calls via VoLTE later this year



There’s no question Verizon Wireless is one of the more expensive options when it comes to choosing wireless services. But ask any happy customer and they’ll tell you that, in most cases, you get what you pay for. Yesterday we told you guys about Verizon’s plans to double up their 4G bandwidth by rolling out XLTE across their network. Today, Verizon is back for round 2 announcing their plans to bring voice-over-LTE to their customers as early as this year.

Rolling out over the next few months, VoLTE will operate on the AMR-wideband standard (adaptive multi-rate wideband) to deliver an HD voice experience to Verizon subscribers (and on par with HD voice services from Sprint and T-Mobile who also use the same codec). Of course as we saw with XLTE, you’ll need a compatible VoLTE device — making and receiving the call — to take advantage of crystal clear voice calling. Verizon says they’ll have a “robust” lineup of VoLTE devices when the service goes live, with many other existing devices receiving a simple software update to enable VoLTE.

But it’s not just for voice calls. Verizon is saying that customers will have the ability to switch from VoLTE calls to video calls on the fly, leaving us to wonder if they wont have a separate VoLTE dialer app or something along those lines. VoLTE is just the first step of Rich Communication Services Verizon has planned for their customers. Expect large file transfers, “robust” group messaging, and enhanced location sharing in the future.

[Verizon Wireless]

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  1. “Verizon is saying that customers will have the ability to switch from VoLTE calls to video calls on the fly” Sure let me switch to video when you charge data overage fees. Go home Verizon.

    1. That brings up an interesting question… Will VoLTE calls count against data caps, voice minutes, or both?

      1. I’d assume so since it’s going over LTE, they’ll probably charge extra for this feature or just see it as a way to collect more overage fees.

    2. You’re drunk.

  2. Begun, the VoLTE wars has.

    1. VoLTE now seems similar to the name of some fictional alien species, haha.

  3. T-Mobile uses the HD voice codec over HSPA+ (not yet LTE). Sprint does theirs over CDMA. It’s nice to see Verizon (and AT&T) finally support wideband audio, even if they are reserving it for LTE only.

    1. Was crossing my fingers Verizon would go with the EVS codec since they’re the only ones going with VoLTE. AMR wideband is nice too I suppose, but they could do better.

  4. cool, I’ve had it on Tmobile for about a year at half the cost of Verizon, so its nice they are finally catching up. Why I paid those ridiculous Verizon prices for so many years is beyond me.

    1. if t-mo had the coverage, i’d be a 13 year t-mo customer instead of a 2 year verizon customer.

      but when verizon erects a 4G tower 2 miles away from my home, t-mobile’s WIFI calling is not that important anymore.

    2. Because mobile device services in large parts of North America is hideously overpriced.

  5. Seems like they should just release a video calling service. If you can’t do it over WiFi, I’ll pass.
    I’m extremely stingy with my 2gb of data.. I’m not sure why, I never run out.

  6. hope the new lenovo devices get it.

  7. Surprisingly latest S5 is not supporting it……………………..telecomvibe(dot)com

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