Don’t miss out on this chance to win an invite to buy the OnePlus One


oneplus one invite raffle banner

Heads up, potential OnePlus One buyers: another round of invites are up for grabs. After the initial invitations went to Smash the Past winners, OnePlus said more would be available through various opportunities such as contests and raffles. The first one is up, giving you a chance to win one of 150 invites to buy the 64GB Sandstone Black model.

All you have to do to enter is sign up with your email address or Facebook account, and earn up to 8 entries by doing the following:

  • 2 entries: Like OnePlus on Facebook
  • 2 entries: Follow OnePlus on Twitter
  • 2 entries: Follow OnePlus on Google+
  • 1 entry: Tweet about the giveaway
  • 1 entry: Comment on their forums

The odds are sure to be low with 247,000 entries as of the time of this writing, but with such little effort required to get a few entries you might as well see if you can’t snag one of these for yourself.

You have until Friday, May 23rd at 8am central to enter, so get on that before it’s too late, and good luck to those who are wishing to be a lucky OnePlus One owner within the very near future. Head to the source link to get started.

[via OnePlus]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So now they want you to whore yourself out to buy a phone? Really?
    So glad I did not wait for one.

  2. I hate their “hunger sale” approach. Sell your damn device with enough stock or don’t fxxking sell it at all.

    1. May the odds forever be in your favor.

  3. Another round of invites? I just want to buy the damn phone already. This is so annoying.

  4. “Raining” = 150 invites. 275,000 entries with 3.5 days to go. May the odds be ever in your favor. http://imgur.com/gallery/Dwd1m0M/new

  5. Just because I win an invite doesn’t mean I can actually afford the phone. How about a contest to just win the phone itself?

    1. Then why would you bother entering?

  6. All this to get an “invitation” to spend my money on their phone? They should be offering a discount to anyone to does all of the above to promote their phantom phone.. Hard to believe in the 21st century this is what passes as marketing. How about just building a phone in sufficient quantity and selling it. How many sales are they currently losing with these moronic gimmicks?

  7. Keep your damn phone I just bought a nexus 5, you missed out on a for sure customer, next time try playing less games

    1. perfectly stated.

  8. Nothing will replace my N4…for now anyway.

  9. in fairness,

    the 1+1 won’t be generally available until june. the LGG3, iphone6, s5 prime, m8 prime, OF7 premium, and xaiomi mi3s won’t be out before then either so you’re gonna have to wait anyway and those phones will be nearly double the cost(save the mi3s).

    heck, i havent seen an official announcement from any of these companies that these devices would even be released in june. it’s all been rumors.

    1+ is the only company that has officially announced that their phone will be available in june on top giving people a chance to get it sooner.

    1. I don’t remember them saying it would be readily available in June, do you have a source? Because from what I’ve gathered this ridiculous invite system will be going on for the foreseeable future, and given that they’re starting this contest for invites so late in May it’s definitely going to carry over into a good portion of June.

  10. Ughh… I am sold on the OPO being my most desirable phone upgrade, and I’d love to order it now (present phone on the fritz), but even the prospect of jumping through hoops and doing free marketing just for a mere *chance* to give them my money leaves such a sour taste in my mouth… I’m busy enough with my life to be taking on OnePlus’s marketing campaign for them =(. Wonder how long it will take for us to just “be interested” to get an invite…

  11. Unfortunately you MUST have a facebook account to even unlock the other entries. Pretty stupid considering I could utilize every other entry -.-

  12. Gezz oh petes! It’s a phone!! Not a f*ckin golden ticket to willy Wonka’s chocolate shop. They’re relying too much on games, which makes me feel they’re not to confident in their product. Compensate much Cyanogen?..

  13. This phone took too long to be release. LG G3 is right around the corner. Maybe next time.

  14. Thanks! Pretty sad I didn’t know what my G+ username was.

  15. The One Plus One had me pretty excited for the value prospect alone. Some of the photos from the initial demo unit had me very excited by the photo quality that would be coming from a phone, especially at its price level. I planned to wait until the phone was readily available since I was in no hurry to get a new phone and did not want to play games to “earn” a purchase.

    There are a couple things that have changed my mind though. The reviews that have been coming out have less than stellar photo examples compared to the earlier demo units that forum members won to show off the photo capabilities of the phone. While I understand software could be an issue, I don’t get why the later units tested by reviewers would have software that would make things worse.

    Here is the real kicker, though, that instantly changed my mind about a taking a chance on this company and phone. I posted (or I should say tried to post) a simple post asking who on their forums was in the military. My post was instantly locked for review and was not unlocked. I was simply trying to allow those who serve on their forum to be acknowledged for their service. It was not meant to bring attention to myself but to all who serve. I absolutely will not support any company that allows its forum to be moderated in a way that disrespects the military. I do not care if the moderators are One Plus employees or not. One Plus heavily relies on the forum for their marketing and is the primary community that will be purchasing their product. Whether or not One Plus is financially associated with the forum or directly affiliated with the forum, actions such as this do not help portray a positive image of the company.

    1. I have the broader sense that censorship in the name of self-interest is more the expected rule than the exception in some other cultures, so with that perspective I have taken indignant reports of censoring with a small grain of salt.

      While you may (understandably) read disrespect into their actions, and despite having only positive intentions, I suspect their true motivations are more along the lines of a primary school teacher changing the topic when something inappropriate comes up: “Let’s just not go there…” I don’t think it’s a big secret that the OnePlus forums are on the whole a somewhat unruly and easily agitatable lot, so it isn’t inconceivable a potentially flammable topic such as military service participation would be ruled a “no fly zone,” so to speak.

      On the topic of the camera performance, I would on the whole be quite satisfied considering the price with results still comparable to today’s flagships – it needn’t be far above average. I would be interested for a link however if you have seen any formal “before/after” comparisons of photos taken with pre-production units and today’s stock… I haven’t stumbled across that yet.

  16. aaaand…what if I don’t have twitter?
    this is ridiculous..

  17. No longer interested in this phone thanks to One Plus’ shenanigans.

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