Samsung CEO JK Shin admits Galaxy S5’s lack of “eye-popping” tech


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Earlier this week, we learned the Samsung Galaxy S5 may have joined Samsung’s illustrious 10 million sales club in as little as 25 days. Bickering about shipped vs sold aside, it’s an impressive feat. But the news wasn’t really official — rather, it was simply a report from one of South Korea’s publications.

Samsung CEO JK Shin was eager to confirm the news today, though, saying that they’ve actually reached 11 million shipments by now. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is selling 10% faster than its predecessor did, and it’s only just getting started.

Shin says to expect increased profit margins and smartphone market share on the quarter, though anyone with half a brain could have guessed that would be the result of this feat.

JK Shin also took time to address criticisms that the Samsung Galaxy S5 didn’t quite raise the bar as high as consumers were expecting them to. He says the focus with the Samsung Galaxy S5 wasn’t to pop in as many “eye-popping” specs in as they could, but to deliver features that users would find more useful than a mere novelty.

Of course, rumors state Samsung certainly is looking to raise the bar with a new variant of the Galaxy S5. We’re supposed to be seeing the “Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime” at some point this year, a phone rumored to come with 3GB of RAM, a 2560 x 1440 display, Samsung’s most powerful Octa-Core Exynos chipset and more. Did you grab a Galaxy S5 of your own? If so, how has it been treating you up to this point? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

[via Wall Street Journal]

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  1. I have one and for the most part, it’s a fantastic phone. Touchwiz lags from time to time, but I think it’s a pretty solid offering. I even like the dimpled back (in gray, the white looks hideous). I might have gone with the HTC if it was offered through my work.

  2. Set aside the argument about the phone itself,
    here in Barcelona I see tons of people with an S5, more than any other.

  3. Easy to fix, mount a spike on them. Eye popping is not hard to do, eyes are relatively fragile.

  4. I picked one up, it’s a really excellent phone for my uses (business professional). Fast (I install Nova Launcher first thing on all my phones so no experience with TW), great display, excellent battery life, good camera, etc.

    The issues I have are little, but annoying: settings are out of control (even for someone that likes tinkering with them), no way to auto-enable ultra power saving at a certain battery percentage, no quick launch icon for one-handed mode, usb cover is annoying and probably won’t survive 2 years without a wireless charging upgrade ($30 and the loss of a case), etc. Some of these might be remedied through a software update.

    I spent a lot of time agonizing over what phone to pick up and I’m happy with the S5, but in the end I’m not sure I could have gone wrong with any of the flagships (5.5″+ form factor isn’t a jump I’m ready to make).

    1. Tasker (or possibly automateit, although I have no experience with that one) will allow you to auto-enable ultra power saving. You can also make it give you that launch icon for one-handed mode, but you’ll need to look into how to make Tasker work. Again, Automateit is a free and simplified version of Tasker, but it might not be advanced enough to handle. Just a thought to help take any sting out of your purchase!

    2. You can get a third party wireless charging module that foods inside the existing/stock case and works well for $10. Only downside is the phone was so light before that the copper coil in the wireless charger adds noticeable weight. But after using one for a week, no regrets.

  5. Its a great phone so far. Wish it came with wireless charging out of the box.

  6. I have the T-mobile version of the S5 and it’s a fantastic phone. I only wish it had 3GB of RAM instead of only 2GB. I’m often near capacity even after disabling a lot of the bloatware. I install and use a ton of apps so I could really use the extra RAM.

    1. Agreed about the RAM for an upcoming phone. I could care less about more pixels on a screen…all they’re doing at this point is consuming computing power, and therefore, battery. I can’t see anyone actually being able to see a difference. But RAM, yeah, that means something. In fact, let’s skip 3 and go straight to 4. It’s cheap and tiny, so it shouldn’t hurt ANYTHING, but would make a world of difference to a lot of power users.

      1. costs more…all about cost

  7. It’s the first Galaxy S flagship that I haven’t owned. If the much rumored “GS5 Prime” makes its way over to the U.S. I may jump aboard. Otherwise, the Nexus 5 may be my longest phone owned since the GS2.

  8. For me, at this point , it’s all about the G3. Then iPhone 6 and Note 4 in the fall.

  9. I have the S5 on Verizon. The signal is better than my Verizon S4. This phone is a good phone for the day-to-day user. There are a few bugs (as with all new phones) but aren’t too terrible. However, I’m a person that enjoy tinkering. With no root access, I feel slightly unfulfilled. I can’t apply Xposed or use Titanium Backup. If it weren’t for unlimited data, Verizon would have born the dust long ago!

    Getting back on track, this phone is more than enough for the average user. I agree with Kanedog about the RAM. For the above average Android fans, the supposed Prime would’ve been ideal… G3 it is.

  10. They wanted to only add useful features LMFAO did they really say that about a Samsung device which is known for having the most gimmicky features of any devices on the market, yeah a heart rate monitor is just so useful and everyone will use it constantly smh yeah ok. There’s a ton more useless features to the point of being ridiculous and apps of samdungs own which there’s already the same equivalent app from Google that does it much better so Samsung’s are just taking up valuable space for nothing . if you want a phone where all the features are very useful then grab the Moto X or better yet the HTC ONE M8 which is hands down the device of the year in 2014. #HtcIsKing

    1. Aside from the heart rate monitor (which is a win with the fitness crowd they’ve been trying to impress for over a year now), what’s gimmicky? USB 3.0? Better screen and camera tech? Better battery management? A fingerprint scanner that can be used for more than just unlocking the device? Water resistance? Improved build quality that has it taking beatings MUCH better than the previous versions? And then there are the legacy things that it continues to offer, like touchless controls (a la air commands), notification widgets that can be customized, sharing capabilities that are a huge improvement over Android Beam alone, removable battery, expandable storage, a camera app that gives you WAY more control than any other OEM camera out there, long-term software upgrades (unless you’re on Verizon, they suck)….

      1. Those in the fitness crowd would probably already have a dedicated HRM that you dont need to stop what youre doing, place your finger on a sensor, and wait for it to hopefully read your heart rate. So it’s even a gimmick for that crowd. When I go biking there is now way im going to pull my phone out while riding to see my heart rate.

        Fingerprint scanner is a gimmick, apple did it, so now they have it too… which I have read is unreliable. The camera app is too slow, I like that the HTC lets you control EXP values, manual ISO, AF/AE lock… those are REAL camera features… not “beauty face”

        Removable battery is a definite plus, as is the multicolored notification light…

        1. I have a cradle on my bike for my phone, as I use it with MapMyRun, so no problems there. Fingerprint scanner is much more capable than Apple’s, and it has several apps that use it to prove it. A recent update should take care of any accuracy arguments.

          Where you really lost me, though, was the camera. App is slow? My stock SGS3 launches it in about a second. Exposure values? Check. Manual ISO? Check. Metering, white balance, focus (including multi-focus), scene effects, burst mode, HDR, warmth control, auto-contrast control, anti-shake control, voice control…These are all there, and all useful. REAL camera controls. Not gimmicky at all.

          In fact, I did you a solid, and uploaded a video of my SGS3 and the camera functionality. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6RIuSa6wNk

  11. The GS5 is a terrific phone. I’m coming from a nexus 4, so the M8 probably would have been great too. But the camera is fantastic (and is why I chose it), the screen is fantastic, and the battery is fantastic. Even the fingerprint sensor works fine.

    I like the fact that its water resistant, but that wasn’t something I needed with my nexus or iPhone. The flap over the charger is a little annoying, but I got some wireless chargers and a third party wireless charger attachment, and that’s been a solution (though it adds a little weight to the phone which is negative.)

    For all the negative press its received, i’m happy with the build and the dimpled back. It’s grippy, it feels good in my hand. Who cares about the look. Coming from a nexus I thought I would hate touchwhiz. No complaints on it.

    I’m a very technical user (engineer) and my wife is the opposite. We both got GS5’s and are very happy with them. I think that says it all.

  12. Was gonna get a s5 and then got the Note 3 instead. How’s the sales on the Note 3 these days?

    1. I had the Note 1, and a ThinkPad Tablet (with an active stylus), and I chose the S5 over the Note 3 this time.

      The waterproofing gives you a lot more freedom in using the phone — in the rain, with messy hands, and even surviving a drop into water. You no longer have to “protect” your phone.

      The usefulness of the stylus also matters much less on a smaller screen. I love being able to write and draw in near full handstrokes on the 10-inch ThinkPad Tablet, but even that is a little small. My handstrokes are still a little cramped. The 12-inch Note might really get justice from a good stylus. On a small screen, a stylus just seems to be more of a gimmick. It is perhaps most often used just as a super-hovering mouse.

      I can still draw on my S5 with my “crayon-like stubby finger”, but the greater precision of the active stylus does not provide that much benefit at the smaller size, for me. YMMV, especially for graphic artists willing to work via tiny drawing windows …)

  13. It’s not only a lack of eye popping tech, it’s a lack of eye popping design. The S5 doesn’t look like a premium handset. It looks like a toy compared with the latest HTC models and the forthcoming LG stuff looks like it will blow it out of the water design-wise.

  14. The first thing i did was put my s5 in a case.
    The whole ‘it’s plastic’ thing is just irelivent.
    I’m finding the s5 to be pretty much flawless, I’d like to suggest something I find dissatisfying about it but I’m really struggling

  15. Another call dropping machine.

  16. 2 weeks with the S5, and I have to say it is superb. The pixel density gives the most amazing viewer experience of any Smartphone out there, that much is unequivocal! Add that I6 mp camera into the mix, and you have yourself the epitome of smartphone viewing. Samsung also won me over with the convenience features it added. Very accessible handset, and it feels very nice in the hands*

  17. I have Galaxy S5 from almost 1 month and could say that I have no regrets of switching
    from iOS to Android with this masterpiece from Samsung. I like its water and dust resistant body, touch wiz finger print scanner for more security, 16MP camera for through which I can capture best memorable moments of my life in order to share it on instagram with my friends, and its 2800mAh power pack battery, that after fully charged on wireless charger runs throughout the day. In short it is the best phone I have ever had till date.

  18. The S5 has been nothing but a headache. The camera is bricked, battery life sucks and the finger reader fails half the time. The rear facing speaker crackles and makes the case rattle. Only an idiot would buy this.

    1. For the camera, turn it in. Defective manufacture, it’s already being admitted and freely replaced by Samsung. Swiping your finger the way you’d swipe while holding it has been the solution for most people, while the update fixes any other inaccuracies. The forums are filled with how well those two solutions work. You’re the first person to complain about battery life…so don’t EVER buy a phone w/ an LCD ‘cuz those do WAY worse than AMOLED.

      Never had a phone make a case rattle…what did you buy? Certainly not a major manufacture like OtterBox or a regular TPU, those both work fine.

      All in all, seems like you’re really reaching to find fault. I doubt you actually own one, and are just a manufacturer hater. Regardless, though, multiple major tech reviews have this as one of the best phones ever created, especially due to the screen (best ever on a mobile device), battery management, camera tech (again, one of the best ever seen on a mobile device, although I’m awaiting the official review from dpreview), better build quality, USB 3.0, Water/Dust resistance, etc. Oh, and don’t forget that it’s one of the most open and customizable phones out there, with an unlocked bootloader, replacable battery, expandable storage, etc.

      1. I did turn it in and got my new phone, 1+1. Read any of the hundred Android forums, including this one and you will find battery complaints too numerous to count, I know I read them for weeks. My new phone works flawlessly out of the box and running Cyanogen 11S is 10X better than that Touchlag ROM. I wouldn’t wish the problems of the GS5 on the most annoying iSheep.

          1. The reason i bought GS5 was because of the reviews, battery and water resistant, but the actual product was substandard. After a month the flap bent and wouldn’t hold the water seal. The battery life was never as stated and Touchlag unbearable. OPO is the new Nexus 5 replacement, get one of those.

          2. Well, I could never really consider a Nexus because of the things that Android by itself doesn’t get right. So enjoy the sad camera, poor device to device sharing, and occasional Force Closes. I’ll sit back and enjoy my all day battery life, S Share, and my awesome camera.

          3. I got OPO so I will enjoy my Snapdragon 801 with 3GB RAM and 1080p 5.5′ screen running Cyanogen Mod for half the price of the Touchlagged GS5. Oh yeah, I got a Sony 13MP shooter in it too that took better 4k video. Not nearly as choppy…

          4. 4k? You play those videos on which screen? Your non-existent one, that’s what I thought.

            CM is not that great. I came from the G1, and I started using CM because it was so much more capable than stock. Then I got the Samsung Vibrant on T Mo, and by the time (6 months) that CM got around to supporting the phone, I just couldn’t use it ‘cuz they were missing too much. I tried CM, Paranoid, AOKP, etc. No one has the functionality of TW. And no one quite makes a phone like Samsung.

            Expandable storage, removable battery (that I can do without special tools), water/dust resistance, IR Blaster, one-handed operation, awesome device-to-device sharing, and the single best mobile phone camera/camera app on the planet. Oh, yeah, USB 3.0, awesome screen tech, customizable notification widgets…the only phone (other than the Note 3) that offers even 50% of all of this stuff is Sony’s Z1, and it still misses the mark a lot.

            I go with Apex Launcher, lower the animation transition times, and boom, instant awesome.

            Oh, and I hadn’t seen a soul complain about jittery 4k, so I went looking on YouTube. I’m guessing that if you actually ever owned the S5, and actually had the camera prob you claimed, that it was part of it.


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