May 15th, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 hand DSC05788

Earlier this week, we learned the Samsung Galaxy S5 may have joined Samsung’s illustrious 10 million sales club in as little as 25 days. Bickering about shipped vs sold aside, it’s an impressive feat. But the news wasn’t really official — rather, it was simply a report from one of South Korea’s publications.

Samsung CEO JK Shin was eager to confirm the news today, though, saying that they’ve actually reached 11 million shipments by now. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is selling 10% faster than its predecessor did, and it’s only just getting started.

Shin says to expect increased profit margins and smartphone market share on the quarter, though anyone with half a brain could have guessed that would be the result of this feat.

JK Shin also took time to address criticisms that the Samsung Galaxy S5 didn’t quite raise the bar as high as consumers were expecting them to. He says the focus with the Samsung Galaxy S5 wasn’t to pop in as many “eye-popping” specs in as they could, but to deliver features that users would find more useful than a mere novelty.

Of course, rumors state Samsung certainly is looking to raise the bar with a new variant of the Galaxy S5. We’re supposed to be seeing the “Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime” at some point this year, a phone rumored to come with 3GB of RAM, a 2560 x 1440 display, Samsung’s most powerful Octa-Core Exynos chipset and more. Did you grab a Galaxy S5 of your own? If so, how has it been treating you up to this point? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

[via Wall Street Journal]

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