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The day has finally come, folks — tickets for the 2014 Big Android BBQ in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas are now on sale. Taking place at the Hurst Convention Center from October 16th through October 18th, the Big Android BBQ is a meeting place for tons of Android enthusiasts looking to meet up and chat about the beloved mobile platform.

Big Android BBQ Bacon Explosion

Typical festivities include panels, giveaways, parties, awesome swag, and the chance to mingle with some of the Android community’s coolest users and developers. Oh, and BBQ, of course. Onto the tickets: here’s what you can get depending on how much you plop down:

  • General Admission ($55): Access to a myriad of sessions from the world’s preeminent android developers and strategic thinkers. Open access to our expo hall that includes hands-on demonstrations and information about the latest in android devices, apps, and wearables. Access to the welcome pool party and after party with all you can eat BBQ.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich ($110): Everything mentioned above PLUS — 1 reserved Keynote seat. You don’t have to arrive early or fight for the front row during the most anticipated keynote sessions of the event. PLUS — Your own line for breezing through the registration line at the beginning of the event. PLUS — 1 shot glass with the ticket package design etched on it.
  • Jelly Bean ($185): Everything mentioned above PLUS –You won’t have to worry about lunch on either Friday or Saturday as we will be providing you a private lunch event on both days. What makes this tier special is that both meals are “behind-the-scenes” lunches. Meaning you will get to sit with the staff and other VIP’s that are working on the event. You will also be provided a private area in which to eat and relax so you don’t have to leave the event.
  • Kit Kat ($280): Everything mentioned above PLUS — You will attend a small, private BBQ dinner Friday night cooked by Ray Walters where you will rub elbows with prominent community members, as well as Big Android BBQ staff and sponsor representatives. You will be privy to conversations about their future work as well as stuffing your face with all the delicious smoked meat and bacon explosion you can eat. To wash it all down, there will be craft and micro-brewed beers available along with water and/or soda.
  • BBQ [X] ($5,327.62, not a typo): Everything mentioned above PLUS — We will book you a first class round trip flight (continental United States only) as well as a room in the Hyatt hotel. Big Android BBQ founder Aaron Kasten will meet you at the airport wearing a monocle and top hat holding a tablet displaying your name, then chauffeur you to the drive-thru restaurant of your choice followed by your hotel. Your hotel room will be ready for you with a welcome package. As an added bonus you will have golf cart service between the hotel and conference center during the event along with many other exciting and exclusive opportunities.

Sounds like one of the best times to be had in the autumn months, really. Scrounge some funds up and stamp your ticket, and don’t be too slow on it — there’s a limit to these things, you know. Get yours before they’re all sold out!

[via BABBQ]

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  1. Got mine. I needs me some more bacon explosion (pictured above). Can’t wait! It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll save $20 if you buy your tickets now. The special ends May 22nd.

    1. Great!!! Now all I need to come up with is $5307.62

  2. I wish I was in Texas.

  3. Man what is up with that last pricing? I mean ok sure 5 grand but can we make that a sensible number? I mean come on like maybe $5300.00 or $5299.99 I mean come one I don’t have an ocd for this kind of thing but it still messes with me lol

    1. Maybe the # actually means something.

  4. The Meat-Photo looks like a dead zombie..

  5. I. In Texas, I’ll be there

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