UK users will now get £50 in Google Play credit when buying a Nexus 7 until June 1st


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Quick heads-up on a deal for folks in the UK who might be interested in getting a Nexus 7 soon. Google and ASUS are now offering £50 in Google Play credits for folks who buy a Nexus 7. The deal runs through June 1st, and luckily enough for those who’ve bought their device on or after May 5th, it’s retroactive even if you got it from an official UK retailer.

Claiming it is as simple as heading to the ASUS Promotions site and following the directions. You’ll need to have your receipt in digital form — whether it was emailed to you or you scan it into your computer — in order to get the credit, but as long as you’ve taken care of that you should be good to go.

Google says the process shouldn’t take more than 30 days, but you might as well get it over with now so you can get your Google Play credit as soon as possible. Just remember these credits only apply to digital content in Google Play, such as buying games, apps, movies, books, music and more.

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  1. I do not want your app Phandroid!!!! it takes up RAM on my phone!!!!

    1. Awesome! This means we’ll be seeing new devices soon. :-)

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