Rumors: Sprint getting Galaxy S5 Active, AT&T getting a new Galaxy Note variant?


Samsung Galaxy S5 water DSC05777

It looks like two of America’s biggest carriers are gearing up to launch some new Samsung-based spinoffs at some point in the near future. New rumors regarding an alternate Galaxy Note device for AT&T and a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for Sprint have popped up.

The former story stems from the revelation of the model number SM-N910, which is quite close to the original Note 3’s model number of SM-N900. You can rule out the possibility of this being the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and there’s not a ton of confidence that this is even the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. So what is it? Tough to say, but there must be some significant changes if AT&T is planning to launch an entirely new device from the Note 3 family.

Swinging over to the S5 Active, this particular phone was tipped by @evleaks as being the most “likely” candidate for the SM-G860 considering AT&T’s forthcoming S5 Active is expected sport a similar model number of SM-G870. The leakster says this likely a CDMA variant, and that it will be rolling over to Sprint whenever it’s ready to come out.

If the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is anything to go by, this year’s model should be getting IP67  dust and waterproof certification (like the original Galaxy S5 already has), and could be the metal-clad device many were hoping Samsung would introduce in their base flagship Galaxy S5. Any other expectations will have to come from future leaks or an official product announcement, but it’s nice to know something is coming so you can prepare any upgrade plans you might have.

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  1. Um, what’s the point? S5 is already IP67.

    1. I’m assuming that this phone will be waterproof rather than water resistant. This would make the active IP68 I believe.

      1. There is no such thing as “water proof”. The next level past IP67 is listed as: “Depth specified by manufacturer”.

        1. The Sony Xperia Z2 is waterproof. I may have gotten the IP number wrong, but a phone can be waterproof.

          1. You had the next level of IP code correct. However you are wrong about the phone being waterproof… once again, Nothing is water “PROOF”. Not even Scuba gear claims water proof, this is because under enough atmospheres of pressure any type of waterproofing will fail. The Z2 is IP58, which means it is not as dust resistant as the S5 is, and the step up from 7 to 8 simply means the manufacturer will specify the conditions of its water resistance. For your refernece:


          2. The Z2 IS waterproof.

            “Like its siblings, the Z2 is completely waterproof, but the waterproof rating has been slightly increased. It’s IP55 and IP58 rated which basically means you can completely submerse it in up to 1.5 metres of water for up to 30 minutes at a time.”

  2. Isn’t the GS5 the same thing? so why do we need this?

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