May 11th, 2014

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Happy Mother’s Day! If you’re a mother we hope you have a great day, but if you’re reading this you’re most likely just someone who has a mother. Today is a day to thank your mom for everything she has done for you. Pay her back by teaching her how to use that new smartphone she has. Is it an iPhone? Don’t give her a hard time about it today, wait until tomorrow. Also, while you’re at it, avoid saying these things. Trust us.

10. You don’t have to do my laundry today, just do it tomorrow.

9. I’m unfriending you on Facebook.

8. What do you do all day?

7. You look really tired.

6. Have you considered going to the gym?

5. Shhhh! I’m trying to watch TV.

4. Can I get some gas money?

3. You’re my second favorite parent.

2. Is that a grey hair?

1. Make me a sandwich.

Don’t put your foot in your mouth, and have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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