May 9th, 2014

Here’s a quick independent project that you NFC lovers will want to pay attention to. It’s simply named Dimple, and it’s a sticker that attaches itself to the back your phone. This isn’t your ordinary sticker, though — there’s an NFC chip inside, and it’ll launch an app or activate an action depending on which one you press.

Each button is user configurable to give you great flexibility. Whether you want a quick call button, an external flashlight switch, a quick app launcher, or a quick way to toggle settings, Dimple gives you everything you need. Tasker integration means there’s practically no limit to what you can use it for.

So how does it work? Simply stick it onto the back of your device wherever the NFC sensor is located, and it’s installed. The free Dimple app will give you all the tools needed to configure each individual button.

dimple nfc sticker

There is one caveat for one very specific group of unfortunate smartphone owners — that being those who own the HTC One M7 and HTC One M8. The NFC sensor on those phones is located beneath the camera sensor, meaning you’ll have to sacrifice camera functionality for this piece of kit. That likely isn’t worth the trouble for most of you.

But everyone else will definitely want to give this thing a serious look. There are two sizes up for grabs on IndieGoGo:

  • A standard 4-button Dimple starting at $27
  • A smaller 2-button Dimple starting at $17

There are packages for two and even four different setrs of the standard Dimple if you need more, so be sure to check out your options over at the IndieGoGo page. The project has already raised $35,800 of its $43,000 goal, and with a whole 33 days left on the deadline it doesn’t seem like they’ll have any trouble crossing the finish line. Take a closer look in the video above.

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