Alleged HTC One M8 Prime specs leaked: 5.5-inch Quad-HD, Snapdragon 805, 18 megapixel camera?


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Looks like HTC has the desire to one-up pretty much every major manufacturer with a smartphone out right now. Some newly rumored specs for the HTC One M8 “Prime” have surfaced, and it’s definitely nothing we’re comfortable sneezing at. Here’s what we’re said to be working with:

  • 5.5-inch Quad-HD (2560 x 1440) display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset clocked at 2.3GHz
  • 3GB of RAM with 16GB of internal storage
  • HTC 5 megapixel UltraPixel camera with 18 megapixel depth information sensor
  •  USB 3.0

Phew. That’s almost too good to be true. Of noteworthy mention is the camera — kind of odd for HTC to be using an 18 megapixel sensor for a secondary camera. Either the rumor is finnicky, the original source was misunderstood, or HTC really doesn’t have its head screwed on tight.

Things aren’t often 100% with these rumors — we’re still waiting on that QHD Samsung Galaxy S5, after all. You should always take these leaks with a grain of salt, but with HTC not planning to bring this thing out until September (likely to compete with the launch of the next Galaxy Note) they have more than enough time to get everything packed in right and tight.

[HTC Soku via PhoneArena ]

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  1. Only 16 GB of internal memory? It’s time we get past that mark and just move forward to 64 GB as base level.

    1. It’ll most likely have a Micro-SD slot, so storage shouldn’t be a big issue.

      1. …Unless you have kitkat

        1. Still not an issue if you do your research

          1. It will be an issue if google keeps pushing this direction though… its better not to rely on phones having MicroSD cards, because eventually they will be gone

          2. It was a HUGE issue on the S5. Even though I had a 64GB SD card, 90% of my apps couldn’t be moved to the SD card, leaving me with only about 5GB of usable internal storage. It was a nightmare. 32GB should be standard by now.

          3. finally, making some sense ;-)

      2. Storage is always an issue unless you plan to root and hack. 16gb of internal storage is inadequate. Placing a 128gb micro sd card wouldn’t cut it

      3. It is still an issue when they ROM uses gigs of space and realistically it’ll have roughly half that 16 GB available for apps. Considering many games now have huge install size and even though part goes to the SD card it still need slots of space.

        But my feeling is that if you are going to market a phone as a PRIME model then go all the way and don’t skimp on memory. HTC needs to make a splash with their phones and this is one way to do so. They’ve got the design going a good direction now it’s time to push the limits in other ways too.

    2. exactly…you know, except for the millions and millions and millions of people who don’t need more than 16 GB of storage.

      1. I think 64 GB is a stretch, but 32 GB should be the standard for flagship devices. Nothing wrong with offering the 16 GB for cheaper of course.

        1. i disagree on the PRIME model. If you are going to make a high end model then go all the way with the memory. If it was a normal model then maybe but since this is supposed to be a high end they need to go all the way and not set it up for failure before it is even released.

  2. 1.8 MP maybe?

    1. I was thinking 8MP.

  3. 5.5 inch screen from HTC? Man with their bezels this thing will be huge!

    1. I’m guessing it’s the next generation Max.

    2. plus it’ll be a heavy phone if it’s anything like the max

  4. 5.5″ and Boom Sound speakers? =katana

  5. QK…any info on the Battery…?

  6. cool…how much?

  7. I’m getting really tired of OEMs pumping out beefed up versions of phones they JUST released.

    This pisses me of because if this is true I would have just waited.

    1. You would wait almost six additional months to get a slightly better spec’d version of the same phone?

      1. Bigger screen, better processor, better camera, why not? I was content with my M7, I could’ve waited a little longer had I known.

        1. You’d then wait another six months to get and even better one? The size I think makes it pretty clear that this is a Max, and would go head to head with the Note 4.

          1. Kind of obvious. Like I already said I would have waited. But with how much of a flop the One Max was, who would have expected this one? Its just like the rumoured Galaxy S5 Prime. If that comes out what the hell is it? Can’t say its the Galaxy Note.

        2. Because battery life.

          I agree with your general sentiment though.

          1. The battery life on my M7 is great. The M8 is amazing. Even if this landed somewhere in the middle it would be good enough for me.

          2. Without a significant bump in battery capacity (3500+), you’d expect it to be much weaker than the M7. Even if it’s something massive (like 4000), I’d be concerned.

          3. Well I would only assume that if they increased the size of the phone and power consumption they would increase the battery as well. The people I know with Note 4’s seem pretty content with their battery life so what would be different here?

          4. Note 3, excuse that typo.

          5. You’re talking about almost twice the pixels plus its LCD.

            We really don’t know exactly how the 2560×1440 screens will perform on power consumption, but there’s no reason to think it will be good if they stick something like a 3200 battery in there. And if they scale the battery up to 4000 and this thing is all metal it’s going to be dead on arrival as a viable product for most people.

          6. So are you expecting the new LG to be a flop then?As it also has a 4k screen and beefed up internals. Or is HTC the only fail here?

          7. Well neither of these screens are 4k first off; a 4k screen is completely undoable with current battery limitations.

            We don’t know anything about the battery on the G3, but yes, I’d expect the same issues given the screen. It will be very interesting to see where Samsung ends up on the Note 4.

            Look, we all have different priorities for a phone, but if I had just bought an M8 none of this would give me any cause for concern even if it’s 100% correct. In fact, if Samsung doesn’t push a 32 GB S5 to carriers soon, I’ll probably go buy the M8 myself.

          8. I’m not concerned really. I love my M8. I just think its ridiculous to put out a slightly better phone right after. Like I said (maybe in a different comment) if it were more than a slightly beefed up M8, I wouldn’t even mind. It works for Samsung with the Galaxy S/Note, Im sure HTC could do something too. I just hope HTC has something social up their sleeve for this one. And not a fingerprint scanner. Or a fingerprint scanning HTC logo. Lol

        3. So its HTC’s fault that you’re impatient? Way to have absolutely no sense of self responsibility.

          1. By your logic I would still be rocking a Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G. New phones are released all the time. I’m saying they need to slow down and focus more on the product their making. No I’m not blaming them for me wanting a new phone, I’m blaming them for pulling a Samsung and throwing a million devices on the market.

          2. Bit harsh no? It’s a understandable some consumers would feel a bit shortchanged when a company does something like this.

        4. M7, M8 are borderline too big for a phone already. People look stupid holding Notes up to their face for a call. Happy with my M8.

    2. If you’re in for the spec-wars, there will always be a better phone released soon after you buy your next phone. That’s how OEMs make money. But to have a beefed-up version of their “old” phone, they are just playing the “Apple” card (aka 4S, 5S, etc.). It just beings them more money, and keeps them on top of “innovation.”

      1. Of course there will always be something better coming out. But when an OEM releases their “Flagship” and then puts out an even better phone right after, people will tend lose trust and wait even longer. Look at the Galaxy S compared to the Note. Sure the Note is more powerful and all of the above but it also offers actual features (or gimmicks depending on how you look at it) such as the S Pen and more. This is just a larger M8 with internals that could have been put in the original.

        1. People might be swayed away because it’s a phablet though.

      2. To Apple’s credit they are very predictable with their release cycles

    3. Pretty sure this is just a Max with a spec bump. A lot of people (myself included) can’t/wont handle a phone that big.

      1. I agree with you there. It probably is the One Max seeing as how bad last years was. Prime also sounds like a better name. But in all honesty these are specs that could have easily and should have been put into the M8. Except maybe the screen because as you said it is a bit large for most people. I’d have to use it to decide myself. That’s why this irritates me. They’re burning their customers in favor of putting out another better phone later and trying to spark sales and be “innovative.”

        Idk. Its an Apple move and I hate it.

        1. Technology moves fast, bubba. Honestly, I ain’t even mad. I had ’em all — HTC One M8, Galaxy S5, Nexus 5 — and ultimately went back to the LG G2. Been looking for a Galaxy S4 Google Play edition as well (but may get the 5 if it ever comes out). Newer isn’t always better.

    4. What disappoints me is most of the time the “prime” versions are what the original flagship SHOULD have been from the start.

    5. Its called technology.

    6. Apple has been doing the same since the first iPhone.

  8. With a display that big, sounds like this could be the next-gen HTC One Max?

    Also, perhaps HTC has bumped the depth sensor to 8MP (I’m guessing 18 was a typo), while also allowing it to take shots in brightly lit situations. Then you’d get the best of both worlds (UltraPixel for lowlight, 8MP for daylight). Everyone would be happy?

    1. Last year’s Max was the disappointment of the year for me, sacrificing build quality on a mini is one thing, but a Max should be the bees knees. Maybe that’s why they’re going with a ‘Prime’ this time, a beefed up M8 for people who want more.

    2. Everyone except the original M8 owners would be happy.

      1. Well, yeah. Good point. Lol

      2. Glad I’m not the only one who sees this.

      3. Yea , because I know this thing is going to cost much more than I paid for my m8. I’ll be happy

  9. If only they could have squeezed that camera into the current M8; we probably wouldn’t even be talking about the S5.

    I don’t understand moving into direct competition in the 5.5″ space given HTC’s current market position in flagship phones; they are so close to a perfect product there. And the 5.5″ market is already looking crowded with the G3 and inevitable Note 4. This is effectively a new product line at least I hope so; with the exception of the camera, none of the other changes make any sense in a flagship device.

  10. I decided against getting an HTC One M8 a couple of weeks ago because of the screen size. I want something smaller than my Note 2’s 5.5 inch screen but, with some of the 5.0″ screen used by on-screen buttons, that was too small. I nearly bought an SGS5 but had to hold off and now the LG3, SGS5 Prime and the HTC One M8 Prime could be better options than either of the handsets I considered. (I assume the M8 Prime will smaller than the Note2 because of on-screen buttons.)

    1. I wouldn’t assume that, given the actual physical size of the M8. If they stick with the same basic design and a larger screen, the Prime will be larger than the Note series.

      1. Hmm, I’ll have to keep that in mind. Hopefully there’s clear info on all 3 soon.

        1. Given how poorly kept the M8 was, I’m sure you’ll see info start leaking out of HTC soon if the M8 Prime is a real thing.

  11. Okay You Got My Attention……

  12. I am going with this being the new one max.

    1. Agreed. That would make lots more sense than a mere “bump up” in specs for the M8.

  13. 16gb on internal storage won’t cut it

  14. This sounds awesome but I really want to see what Samsung does with the Note 4.

  15. An 18MP depth sensor sounds like it could be awesome. HTC maybe going for the win in the camera dept to blow the rest of the guys away. If i understand things (in my layman’s mind) an 18MP depth sensor would essentially allow the same Bokeh effect but more exact without the noticeable mistakes in processing that the current M8 appears to do in some shots. So we are looking at probably highlighting different areas of the photo without a problem, maybe even zooming on those background areas, maintaining detail, and pulling off the Bokeh look….I wouldnt doubt extremely great looking HDR photos that can be given that Bokeh effect wouldnt be so far off as well……..am i wrong or am I hitting some points or some understanding of photography that can be pulled off with a sensor like that and a 5MP shooter. Thats almost 22MP of power between two cameras if true…hopefully they bake in some software to use both cameras to beef up detail in photos if you wanted…….

    All i know is Im going to save some cash over this year in Amazon till the release of the m9…the next camera will most likely be outstanding

  16. Haaaaaa, 16gb lol, Naaah this rumor ain’t true, only Samsung would plug 16gb in a prime variant. I don’t think HTC is dumb enough to really mess around with only 16 gigs anymore. Maybe in growing markets but not the U.S. 32 and above just like the original M8…

  17. Hope it comes with a backpack

  18. I hope they redesign the devices height so it isn’t so long and narrow. But I can definitely see myself getting an M8 Prime over the G3 at this point… Bigger screen is actually all I really wanted out the of M8, 5in with the on-screen keys felt too small. They could be answering my prayers at this point…

  19. I wonder if these prime phones we keep hearing about are the first Google Silver phones. I know rumors have said that program won’t start until next year, but I could see these being it I’m about 3-5 months.

  20. i would use my upgrade on this device if it had the camera. The Ultra Pixel BS is why i havent considered an HTC in a few years… Well, that and that damn black waste of space under the lcd.

  21. Finally an HTC I want to buy again. No more 4mp Ultrapizzle. Yay!

  22. 16gb = OS, 7 apps, 15 photos and 3 HD videos. The future is here! HTC is a true innovator.

  23. Everything the M8 should have been

  24. Depending on the size of the bezels, this could actually entice me back to HTC. Although will it be better than the Note 4? The ball is in HTC’s court as far as I’m concerned. Let’s see what they’re going to do with it.

    1. Ever heard of an SD card?

  25. So this might be my next phone

  26. I call bs on this rumor

  27. in my country india htc m8 16gb cost is 700-800 usd. When nexus 5 32gb is 550 usd 16gb on this phone is a joke. HTC is not in the top 5 in my country. Most of them have samsung because this reason. Too costly and storage space is a joke.

    1. Your country is a joke

      1. which great country are you from?

  28. I think this is effectively a new product line at least I hope so; with the
    exception of the camera, none of the other changes make any sense in a
    flagship device. I would like to say Thanks for sharing such a nice collection.
    Wearable Electronics

  29. Let’s see the battery on this thing!

  30. Welcome to Applenomics :) I personally love my M8. Camera is plenty big for a phone. Pics fill any 1080p monitor completely. Why would I zoom any more than that? If I want wall-hanging material I will use a DSLR. Who hangs their phone pics on the wall anyway???

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