Huge Google Maps update brings lane directions, offline maps, and more


Google Maps 8.0 Between Devices

Google Maps is seeing a GINORMOUS update in the Google Play Store today. Announced on the official Google Lat Long blog, Google Maps 8.0 introduces a host of new features that are sure to lend a helping hand whether you’re planning a family vacation, or just cruising around your city. Here’s what’s new:

Lane Guidance

Google Maps 8.0 Navigation with Lane Guidance

Now, instead of guessing or being guided purely by voice, Google Maps will show you which lane you need to be in while navigating. A handy feature for sure, but one limited to only the US, parts of Canada, and Japan. Hopefully we’ll see this roll out to more locations in the future.

Offline Maps management

Google Maps 8.0 Offline Maps

Saving maps for offline use may not be anything particularly new, but it’s now better and easier to use than ever. When searching for a city or area an option to save the map for offline use will be present in its info (you can even name it whatever you like). What’s more is offline maps will be saved to your profile, easily accessible with little effort.

Filter options

Google Maps 8.0 Local Search Filters

A new UI to filter search results is also making its way into the update. Following closely some of the filter options we recently saw in the Google Search update a few days ago. This should help make finding new businesses and/or restaurants easy as pie.


For frequent Uber riders, you’ll now be able to compare local transit or walking directions with Uber times. Clicking on the Uber option will then open up the Uber app for an easy transition.

Train times

Transit Directions

Now when searching for directions in Maps, clicking the train icon will allow you to pick the time of day you’d like to leave, along with the absolute last time the train leaves (so you aren’t left high and dry). This should help make planning all day outings easier than ever.

Google also mentions “starring” places of interest to help take them between your desktop and mobile devices, as well as exploring vacation destinations using Street View. The new update is hitting the Play Store today (as well as the Apple App Store) , so be sure to head on over and update. Link provided below.

Update on Google Play: Google Maps

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  1. This is fantastic.

  2. So, we are back to where we were a year ago before the famous “update” downgrade. But, still without a means to manage our saved locations into folders/subfolders =/

    1. Exactly. I’ve kept a copy of 6.14.4 on my devices for as long as I can remember. Google really botched things up with version 7.

  3. Thank you big brother Google

  4. Can you enter navigation mode without a destination? I really hated when they removed that ability.

    1. I agree, I used to use that a lot.

      1. See above on how to get that back!

    2. It’s still there, but it’s in the Shortcuts sub-menu (start by long-pressing on the Home Screen).

      1. Wait, long-press on what, exactly? The only Maps-related things I can add to the Home screen are the Maps application or the “Directions” widget (which forces you to enter a destination). Nowhere inside of the app have I found a way to enter Navigation mode without it requiring a destination.

        1. Long press on a blank area of the home screen. Pick shortcuts. Pick activities. Scroll down to Maps, pick that. You should have Local and Navigation as options, both of which used to have their own shortcuts. Voila, you’re done!

          1. The home screen? When I long-press the home screen in 4.4, I get a pop-up to choose my wallpaper; that’s all. Ditto for my 4.1.2 device.

          2. Use a real launcher like Nova

          3. Things vary from launcher to launcher, but shortcuts is a core Android thing, so you should be able to get at them somehow. See this article about them:

  5. looking forward to this, I am the absolute worst with directions, this gets me around all the time!

  6. Was wondering if there were going to bring lane nav. Now they need to add the speed limit to the street you currently are driving on.


    For people still missing the contacts search feature (click contact to navigate) please checkout the below app:

    A small attempt by me and my friend to bring back the feature :)

  8. I would love an update where i could access “My Maps”.

  9. What is the version number?

  10. In Europe Google Maps is still v7.0

  11. I have a Moto G which came with Maps v7. I rooted it and installed Maps 6.14.4 which I found far superior and will run for hours on battery and the Moto G stays cool.
    I have avoided all the v7 updates. But today I tried v8 for 30 minutes using the navigation feature and I was impressed… until I took my Moto G out of its holder and it was almost too hot to hold! I’m going back to 6.14.4 before v8 kills my phone..

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