Moto X to be as low as $299 off-contract in one day sale May 1st


moto x one day sale

Motorola’s hoping a ton of your moms are looking for new phones this Mother’s Day, as the Chicagoan company has announced a one day sale on May 1st for the company’s 2013 flagship smartphone — just in time for the special day. We’re talking about the Moto X, and you can snag one for just $299 off-contract if you’re up bright and early. That’ll net you the 16GB version, FYI.

Want the 32GB or Developer Edition? That’s just another $25. All of them are customizable through Moto Maker too, so you can get one in mom’s favorite color or give it to her in a classic swirl of pink, red or white to commemorate the special day.

Or you can just grab one for yourself if you’ve always wanted one — you choice. It all commences at 12:01am eastern time on Thursday, May 1st. Motorola didn’t mention whether or not this was until supplies last, but you’ll want to get your order in ASAP just in case. Are you going to grab one of these?

[via Motorola]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. very tempting…

  2. This is the lowest it’s been. Man I’m tempted on biting

  3. US only eh?

  4. Must pay off moto credit

  5. Republic Wireless has it for $299 everyday!! (just sayin’)

    1. It’s not unlocked to use on other networks as this one!

  6. No thank you. The Oneplus is around the corner. Same price but better specs. To late Motorola.

    1. OnePlus is an obese joke compared to the Moto X.

    2. The Moto X is phone sized. Many people want a phone that is phone sized.

      1. That’s why I’m seriously considering selling my Galaxy S5, and ordering a dev edition Moto X in about ten hours.

    3. “To late Motorola?” are you suggesting we go to a place called “late Motorola”.
      Oh you mean “TOO late Motorola”.
      But I digress, the Oneplus One looks like a fantastic phone but I am afraid that getting one will be a long drawn out exercise in futility. The Oneplus plan is to test the public’s acceptance of the product BEFORE committing to volume production. Early customers will have to produce an INVITATION to purchase to be handed out by those who win the $1 lottery for the first 100 phones.
      In a years time you may be able to buy a Oneplus phone without too many problems, so don’t hold your breath and don’t dump your current phone.
      I plan to buy a Moto X when they go on sale.

  7. My wife is really comfortable with Moto phones. Is this a good replacement for a Razr? Thanks for the help.

  8. Crossing my fingers on a quality refresh to this phone in August/September. Moto X2 please!

    It doesn’t need much, color calibration on par with the GS4/5, updated X8 processor (Snapdragon 800/801 based) and a better camera and I’d be happy. I’m due for a new phone this fall.

  9. I really need to throw my DE up on the classified forum before thehbstart gubibg these things away.

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