Samsung Galaxy S5’s newest Next Big Thing ad continues assault on iPhone


Samsung no doubt set a big advertising budget aside for the Samsung Galaxy S5, and they’re continuing to put it to good use with their latest ad. The “Next Big Thing” drum is being banged on yet again, with the South Korean company dropping a one-minute ad spot showing off all the Galaxy S5’s redeeming qualities.

Of course, a Next Big Thing ad wouldn’t be a Next Big Thing ad without Samsung mentioning Apple’s iPhone and displaying how the Galaxy S5 trumps it. Samsung wasn’t quite as harsh as they typically are, though, as they kept the jokes and comparisons to a bare minimum.

It’s too bad, then, because Apple surely wasn’t shy about hitting back in their latest ad. Their “Powerful” spot showed how the iPhone 5S was already powerful enough to do everything the users wanted to do, including the ability to use a third-party app to use the phone’s flash as a heart-rate monitor. Of course, Android already has such an app of its own, and it works great with the tons of devices equipped with LED flash today.

These battles likely won’t be slowing down anytime soon, as Samsung and Apple have another frontal war going on in the courtrooms of the world. The latest one is challenging not just Samsung, but Android as a whole — it’s gotten to a point where top Google executives are being dragged into court to testify and help defend their creation.

Top all of that off with an apparent admission by Apple that they need to step their marketing up, and you can see that we’re in for one long back-and-forth between these two giants. Take a gander at the latest tactical assaults by Samsung and Apple in the videos above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I have an iphone 5c that was forced on me by my company.

    The only thing its good for is sitting on its dock to make phone calls (Which sound worse than the phone calls on the Note3). I swiped the settings off of it to connect my Note 3 to the exchange server so I can actually get work done.

  2. The latest one is challenging not just Samsung, but Android as a whole — it’s gotten to a point where top Google executives are being dragged into court to testify and help defend their creation. http://u.to/b8IkBw

  3. It’s too bad android can’t be mass marketed the way specific devices are. Cuz what exactly would Apple be able to advertise, then?

    1. android could be, it just isnt.

    2. What would be awesome is if Google made a compilation commercial of all the best android phones on the market and quickly showed off all the best features basicly touting the openness and choice of the android operating system.

      1. They could just advertise the Nexus devices and the features that Android has and all the things that can be done with the devices. For some reason Google doesn’t want to get involved in these ad war.

  4. uh oh, commercial shows the gs5 being washed under the faucet, but that’s a supposed no no according to the guy who tested the water resistance rating.

    1. I swear I was thinking this lol

      1. Same here. Didn’t we have a whole series of articles on how it was definitely *not* faucet-proof last week?

    2. Agreed, and may eventually be grounds for a class action lawsuit. This appears to be a form of false advertisement if they simultaneously claim this feature in everyday scenarios but then deny warranty claims due to fine print. Of course, I haven’t been a paralegal for years, so take my statement with a barrel of salt.

  5. Still don’t like the s5 no matter how much cash they throw at advertising, laggy TW plus build quality isn’t up to par ( at least for my taste) guess it’ll be between the G3 One + 1 or M8

    1. Build quality and build materials are two different things. You may not like the materials used (polycarbonate instead of aluminum, or hard rubberized plastics), but the build quality of the S2, S4, and S5 are outstanding. The S3 was a dud, as was the first Note 10.1 (I swear the back was made of paper mache).

      Your complaints about TW are valid. When I played with the TW S4 and the HTC One side by side, I was amazed at the HTC. Sense 5 was every bit as fluid as the then-current Nexus 4. Sense seems to truly replace Android’s UI, whereas Touchwiz feels bolted on top, if that makes sense.

      A 32GB GPe would be ideal for many users. I own the S4 GPe, and my only complaints were that the buyer was limited to 16GB and white (I wanted 32GB and black). It’s the only place where you can get truly stock Android, a removable battery, and expandable storage. But the 16GB has become suffocating with the changes to MicroSD in KitKat.

      1. The S4 and S5 are nothing but extremely uglified iterations of the GS3 though. I returned my GS4 to get a GS3 back last year, because I hated the physical changes and the 5 is even worse. But that’s okay, if Samsung wants to be as uninteresting as Apple let them. They’re nearly there.

        1. I totally understand that. Looks are subjective. As an S2 owner (international model), I thought that the S3 was ugly. I felt that the S4 and S5 are more refined versions (S5 band-aid back aside). However, I was commenting on build quality.

          The edge plasti-chrome is higher quality on the S4 than the S3 (thinner and more prone to chipping on the S3). The removable back cover is thicker yet more flexible on the S4 and doesn’t make creaking noises (the S3 was prone to this within mere weeks of ownership). The S4 just has a higher quality feel than the S3 in the hands, although again, feel is subjective.

          And again, I’m only comparing Galaxy generations here. I understand that due to premium materials, devices like the iPhone and HTC One M7/M8 will feel higher quality to most. Neither of my posts were intended to dispute that. I merely wanted to highlight the differences between build MATERIAL and build QUALITY.

    2. Touchwiz and exynos Massive dealbreakers for me.

    3. I have had many Samsung phones, from the Captivate to the Note 3; but I always install Nova Prime before I do anything else — if you don’t like TW, dump it for something better.

    4. How can someone who comes to this site and comments on it not know how to install a different launcher? Any number of good launchers will take care of any lag you may perceive and work better for you.

      As for the build quality, poycarbonate plastic is not just a cheap material. A slightly different form of it is used in high quality optical lenses mainly because of its light weight and durability. It just sounds cheaper when compared to aluminum.

  6. Great ad as usual… Still a lackluster phone though

  7. The GS5 commercial showed the dude running his phone under water. I think this allows you to return your phone for water damage since it was being advertised that it would be able to withstand it.

    Am I wrong? =.3

  8. Look like a bunch of BS coming from that Apple Ad.

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