Apr 25th, 2014

Samsung no doubt set a big advertising budget aside for the Samsung Galaxy S5, and they’re continuing to put it to good use with their latest ad. The “Next Big Thing” drum is being banged on yet again, with the South Korean company dropping a one-minute ad spot showing off all the Galaxy S5’s redeeming qualities.

Of course, a Next Big Thing ad wouldn’t be a Next Big Thing ad without Samsung mentioning Apple’s iPhone and displaying how the Galaxy S5 trumps it. Samsung wasn’t quite as harsh as they typically are, though, as they kept the jokes and comparisons to a bare minimum.

It’s too bad, then, because Apple surely wasn’t shy about hitting back in their latest ad. Their “Powerful” spot showed how the iPhone 5S was already powerful enough to do everything the users wanted to do, including the ability to use a third-party app to use the phone’s flash as a heart-rate monitor. Of course, Android already has such an app of its own, and it works great with the tons of devices equipped with LED flash today.

These battles likely won’t be slowing down anytime soon, as Samsung and Apple have another frontal war going on in the courtrooms of the world. The latest one is challenging not just Samsung, but Android as a whole — it’s gotten to a point where top Google executives are being dragged into court to testify and help defend their creation.

Top all of that off with an apparent admission by Apple that they need to step their marketing up, and you can see that we’re in for one long back-and-forth between these two giants. Take a gander at the latest tactical assaults by Samsung and Apple in the videos above.

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