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Chromecast Ready To Cast 2

The growing number of apps to support Chromecast gets even bigger with a major addition today. PlayOn has announced an upgrade to their Android app that will allow you to beam content from over 100 different “channels” to the little $35 media streaming dongle that so many people have bought to date.

Whether it’s video form ABC, NBC, CBS, Comedy Central, Hulu or even your own DVR content, PlayOn gives you access to all of it from one easy to use platform.

Unfortunately you do need to have a PC to use its new Chromecast features, as it won’t work without both PlayOn for PC and for Android. It also costs $30 per year ($60 for a lifetime subscription) with no free trial, so be sure to look around for some reviews before diving in. If you’re already married into the PlayOn ecosystem you can find the latest updates over at Google Play.

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  1. My boss uses playon and play-it-later a lot. He loves it. Its def worth a look.

  2. so… whos got an app that will do this kinda stuff for free? >.>

    I use Showbox to watch some TV and Movies, but nothing live.

  3. Don’t give that company your money. They had a version of their software that included lifetime updates for an additional cost. They rebranded it as as ‘basic’ version and switched to a subscription model. Now their subscription model has a lifetime membership. See where this is going? They are douchebags.

  4. PlayOn used to be free to watch TV shows on Google TV with their App. You had to have the PlayOn server installed on a computer, and running, and it would pull the shows from their network’s page to bypass the mobile browser limitation of Google TV. However, some time in the last few months they decided to just do away with that freebie, apparently, because every time I pull up a CBS, Fox, whatever show in the PlayOn app on Google TV it says a subscription is required. Based on their history of changing up the terms at random, I would be hesitant to buy a license and have them just stop supporting the content later.

    1. They may be charging because of lawsuits like the one aereo is dealing with. It’s essentially the same thing, over the air broadcast charges from the content provider.

      1. It is not even remotely the same thing. Aereo uses thousands of antennas to receive, record, and retransmit OTA TV. PlayOn is a streaming program to transmit shows off of a network’s webpage to your TV, at least the aspect that I am referring to. In that sense it is NO different from any DLNA enabled device that streams your local content. It is NO different from hitting the Chromecast button in Chrome while viewing

        1. I never thought about streaming it from the website and throwing it to the TV. Thanks!

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