Apr 24th, 2014

Chromecast Ready To Cast 2

The growing number of apps to support Chromecast gets even bigger with a major addition today. PlayOn has announced an upgrade to their Android app that will allow you to beam content from over 100 different “channels” to the little $35 media streaming dongle that so many people have bought to date.

Whether it’s video form ABC, NBC, CBS, Comedy Central, Hulu or even your own DVR content, PlayOn gives you access to all of it from one easy to use platform.

Unfortunately you do need to have a PC to use its new Chromecast features, as it won’t work without both PlayOn for PC and for Android. It also costs $30 per year ($60 for a lifetime subscription) with no free trial, so be sure to look around for some reviews before diving in. If you’re already married into the PlayOn ecosystem you can find the latest updates over at Google Play.

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