Verizon DROID MAXX now available in two new colors, half the storage


droid maxx new colors

Verizon’s DROID phones are getting a bit long in the teeth, so the company feels the need to spice things up a bit. The Motorola DROID MAXX — considered to be the highest end model out of the three — is now available in a new glossy red package, as well as the kevlar black with chrome highlights. You can see images of the changes above.

But more than that, these things also come in at a $50 discount (making them $99.99) at the expense of half of its storage — down to 16GB from 32GB. It’s a shame Verizon decided to halve the storage considering that was one of the biggest redeeming factors about its lack of a microSD card slot, but if you aren’t down with that then you’re just as free to go with the original model.

You can find the models online today if you’re interested, but you won’t be able to get an in-store look until they hit shelves April 22nd. Swing over to Verizon to check them out.

[via Verizon]

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  1. The only ppl I see with Moto Droid phones are old people who dont know any better.

    1. Don’t know better, how many phones can go almost full touch free with out a ton of set up and battery drain associated with always on? What is wrong with droids?

      1. That isnt very appealing to the masses I dont think, who it is neat. Overall the S4 and now the S5 are far better not to mention the HTC One and new the One m8. Not to mention the Nexus 5 or Note 3 or G2, all around better bikes.

        1. With the exception of The s4 all Thoes came out after this year’s droid series, they are also are not really advertised as hard, everyone has forgotten most people who buy it are people who goes I don’t need a phone like samsung galaxy but all day battery life and software set that seems no gimmicky let’s go moto

    2. I think the Droid Maxx is a underrated phone. Its basically a souped version of the Moto X. That loooong battery life is such an awesome thing. Only thing I hate is the screen and camera.

    3. Have had the Droid Maxx since October…best phone I’ve ever had. Never have any issues with it, not to mention direct updates from Motorola for specific app updates. Oh yeah, 2 days of battery life kills pretty much all other phones out there except of the Phablet variety.

  2. I hope no one buys these.. But I’m sure they will. 16GB is not enough.

    1. Why do you hope no one buys this? These are virtually stock meaning there is an ass load of available space on these devices.

      You dolt..

      1. Well then why don’t they put the new colors on the 32 gb version? The phones are the same chassis. There’s no reason other than Verizon wants more people to buy the lesser storage so people go over their data caps. Go ahead and take the bait.

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