Samsung says Galaxy Note 4 will launch with a new form factor, will it look something like this?


galaxy-note 4-concept-2014

Concept image based on recently filed Samsung patent

The Samsung Galaxy S5 didn’t do much to change the Korean manufacturer’s current design language. Launching last week across the globe, we saw the same plastic build quality (we aren’t knocking it), soft touch leathery finish on the back (similar to Note devices), and chrome siding that could be seen as a throw back to the original Samsung Galaxy S. Holding the phone side by side with previous iterations, and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference.

But we’ve noticed that when Samsung does get around to changing the design for their devices, they don’t do it with their flagships, but rather with their Galaxy Note line which launches later in the year. Maybe that’s why we’re excited about the prospect of something “different” for the Galaxy Note 4, and what it could mean for future Galaxy devices down the road.

In an interview with Reuters, Yoon Han-kil,  senior vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team, talks about the company’s plans for this year. After mentioning that Samsung will be launching their first Tizen-based smartphone towards the end of Q2, he even divulged a little info on their plans for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Concerned with a “slowing high-end market,” it appears as if Samsung will look towards a new design for the next Galaxy Note iteration, this in an effort to help drive sales. According to Yoon, the next Galaxy Note will launch with a “new form factor,” though remained mum on exact details. He went on to say:

“Our ultimate goal is to make products that consumers really aspire to have. This is how we are trying to find a breakthrough in the stagnant premium market.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 patent

I guess the only question now is exactly what Samsung could be planning with the Galaxy Note 4. We’ve already seen the OEM experiment with their flexible OLED display technology with the Samsung Galaxy Taco Round. It’s entirely possible Samsung could be experimenting with implementing that into the Galaxy Note 4, in fact, we’ve already seen one possible idea Samsung has been experimenting with in a recently uncovered patent filing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 patent

The patent shows a device that’s flat, but features curved display edges, wrapping around the sides of the device. It’s very modern looking and unlike anything we’ve seen from Samsung in the past. And that, my friends, is a very good thing. If this is what we can expect from the Galaxy Note 4 (or perhaps even looking ahead to the Samsung Galaxy S6), would any of you consider going #TeamSamsung for your next Android?

[Reuters | Concept render | Patent 1, 2]

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  1. First. Galaxy (Taco) Round. Bahaha! Good one!

  2. Eeewww.

  3. The front reminds me of the HTC Sensation

    1. That’s what I was thinking or a htc sensation + htc one

    2. Htc sensation and nexus one combined

  4. I like the overall look of it, but not with that current “leather-like” backing. It stands out too much and looks more like a sleeve over the body. The backing is really ugly on this design. And I’m imagining that the feel would feel a little odd in hand with the clashing textures between the outer frame and the “leathered” back. Would look better with something matching the overall body.

    1. That backing is one of the things I love about my note 3. it’s much nicer then the shinny one, plus it’s much less slippery….

    1. Thank You ;)

    2. ooo… poor boy…

    3. I refuse to thank u now

  5. Nexus One!

    1. Exactly what I thought.

    2. Yep, channelling HTC from a few years back for sure,.

  6. That looks awesome.

  7. Looks like the Nexus One on steroids.

    1. I always thought the Nexus One was an awesome looking device. Glass on the sides though and very little chin and forehead and you’ve got something amazing here.

  8. When I first got my G2 I had to get used to the screen having no real bezels on the side because I was accidentally touching the sides all the time… Unless they had some very smart software implementation to avoid this on this design it seems like it would be practically unusable, also putting it in a case would seem to cover the whole sides of the screen.

    1. They could use those sides for always on functionality to replace all physical buttons. Need part of it exposed for volume or power then cut a slit in the side of the case. Or better yet get a case for it that has the physical buttons that touch the side of the display and it does stuff. You could do the same thing with the home button. Build the physical button into the case that sits over the screen. I don’t if any of this is possible but it would the sexiest device around.

      1. Aren’t they doing that with Windows 8? Everyone seems to be liking that.

        I, for one, would welcome change since I’m willing to learn, but most consumers don’t want change to be thrown onto them like that.

        I don’t think that would work. A test would be give someone who has software keys Pie controls and see if they can get used to it.

        Actually, I’d love to see the test results from that.


  9. Front looks awesome! If only it was a metal design that would be tops!

  10. I’m just glad the home button is gone.

    1. Although its helpful, I do agree I could live without it

  11. Why on earth would u take a ugly ass concept design? Don’t anyone remember from CES last year how their CURVE DISPLAY looks like?

  12. Omg is it October yet? My Note 3 is getting tired, haha

    1. The Note 4 is already outdated. I’ve already dreamt about the Note 5. Where have you been?

  13. Looks like the old Razor Feature phones to me

  14. Nope. They’d never give us such little bezel.

  15. This looks like a very cool way to implement a curved display. Actually wrap around the sides. Then build apps that use the sides as specific controls. Not sure what type of controls but this could be the sexiest phone yet even though it reminds me of the nexus one.

    1. It really is sexy.

    2. My thoughts exactly: referring to the design.

  16. Since when is the Galaxy Note lineup not a flagship?

    1. Exactly :)

  17. What new form factor? Please, anyone that believe this is gullible as hell. The note 4 won’t look much different than the current crop of Samsung devices of the last two years. Every year it’s the same nonsense , more talk about new designs etc… and the only changes are the side trim and battery covers. I am looking forward to the note 4 but I am not going to hold my breath when it comes to its physical design.

  18. I would imagine the sides would act as some sort of slider, via volume, contacts , app drawer, scrolling in browser. Then again they’ll save that for risen.

    1. I was wondering where volume buttons and the power button would go. Can’t see them in the renders. Sliding volume on the side would be a cool way to remove physical volume buttons.

  19. Reminds me of my beloved Moto RAZR OG.

    1. Agreed it looks like a razor phone to me

  20. Oh my gosh!! That actually looks cool!! =.O

    Edit: I know why now. The patent designs remind me of the Nexus 1. I thought that was a cool-looking phone.


  21. Samsung ditching a physical home button? Did hell freeze over?

    1. No, it’s probably part of a deal Samsung and Google did a few months ago where it’s speculated Samsung agreed to design phones and their touchwiz skin closer to Google’s guidelines.

    2. Good, I want to be able to prod the control buttons with my stylus!

      1. WERD

  22. looks like my old one s

  23. As long as its plastic I’ll buy it. And the hipsters can keep their metal.

    1. Beautiful, Man!
      (still lovin my Note 2 – might try the next one)

    2. i dont have a problem with plastic, i just have a slight problem with the type of plastic samsung decides to use. Also, get rid of the fugly home button.

  24. Everything about this phone looks sexy as hell. Except that hideous faux leather back that they obviously have a hard-on for.

  25. How about we just snap a new back onto our Note 3 that says Note 4 on it and be done with it?

    1. Why wait? Get a sharpie and put a four on the back of your note 3. Some people wouldn’t even notice anyway…

  26. Samsung actually introducing “design” in their phones? Nah, not gonna happen…

  27. Love my Note 3 but I hope they improve the speaker in the 4; mines not up to par I must admit.

  28. actually not too shabby lol that silver and black scheme has to go tho. bad combo. all black woulda been much better

  29. How is it that some 13 year old in his moms basement in Nebraska can render something like this, but Samsung has trouble slapping together a couple pieces of plastic that somewhat look good?

    1. have you seen some of the morons hating on the design in just these comments? its cause they far out number the rest of us and makers have to try and cater to the stupid to stay in business

  30. Great concept but doubtful. If it’s anything like the GS5 it’ll just be bigger, thicker, taller, wider and heavier with more bezel.

  31. To me this is just icing on the cake. I personally like the look and feel of the Note 3. I can only imagine this puppy with a 2k screen, Snappy 805 or better, 3 or 4 gigs of ram, USB 3.0., IP67 certified, 16-20 mp camera, enhanced S Pen support, sheesh. This will be my next phone undoubtedly.

    1. YES YES YES :)

    2. Only reason to skip the S5. :-)

  32. Samsung with on screen buttons?? Unlikley!

  33. The “Slowing High End Market” struck me. What did they expect? Phones are computers now and there’s little reason for most people to replace a phone after two years anymore.

  34. I don’t see Samsung leaving the Home button since they are now using the fingerprint scanner. I would completely doubt that at this point.

  35. I’ve already set aside funds for a Note 4 at full retail. If the final version looks anything like this, it’ll be the sexiest phone design EVER. October can’t get here fast enough! :D

  36. looks kind of like the nexus they did on Verizon…

  37. After their refusal to commit to an update (with me on the phone) for the HeartBleed security issue on Tab 2s, my Fiance and I are dumping Samsung devices in the future.

    1. Um you do know that the heartbleed issue is on the server side, right? How would it affect your Tab 2??? Think a little.

      1. …Use Your brain. If you do a simple search, you will find that devices carrying Android 4.4.1 are amongst the list of DEVICES affected by HeartBleed. I’ll even help with one story story about about it. http://money.cnn.com/2014/04/11/technology/security/heartbleed-gear/

        1. You apparently have zero reading comprehension. That article mentioned a Cisco app for smartphone, but there is zero mention of smartphone devices fundamentally being affected by this bug. Stretching to find a trace of feeble evidence to back up your flawed understanding of the HeartBleed vulnerability makes you look silly.

          1. You are an idiot and a troll. I said I would help. All you had t o do is search Android 4.4.1 and Heartbleed to see you are wrong. Here is a direct article that proves you are an idiot. http://www.oneclickroot.com/android-apps/google-reveals-prevalent-heartbleed-infection-on-android-4-1-1-devices/

  38. Wow that looks bad. The bezels top and bottom is as awful as on Htc and I really dislike screen buttons. And fore most keep it poly-carbone others can buy scratchy, rusty and heavy metal.

    They only have to improve two things: Sharper text and better low – light camera. And I wouldn’t say no to a brighter screen, more pen support and a bigger screen.

    1. “And fore most keep it poly-carbone others can buy scratchy, rusty and heavy metal.”
      what? im no grammar cop but…what?

  39. I will wait until they have flexible screen devices that can either roll up into a small container or fold in half. They are on the way.

    1. Good luck, but I wouldn’t hold my breath

  40. wasn’t this also the concept look for the GS5, please stop trying gain attention with these recycled articles. The Note 4 will not look like this so just please stop it already.

    1. That’s right, I remember that. This was supposed to be what the new S5 was supposed to look like at one time, before they came out with the band aid design.

      1. Yup, and given the stylus slot on the bottom of the phone, it makes sense that this could be the Note 4 (or at least 1 possible design).

    2. Maybe it will be the new Note 4. Why does it matter?

    3. look at whats in the corner of that concept

    4. Because the patent filing doesn’t come out and say, “THIS IS THE GALAXY NOTE 4” or “GALAXY S5 PATENT – DON’T LOOK,” some guessed it could be either the S5 or Galaxy Note 5. The guy who made the concept guessed it was the S5, but as we all know, that was wrong.

      Given the fact that there’s a stylus slot on the bottom of the phone, it makes much more sense that it could be the Note 4. I’m not quite sure why anyone guessed S5 in the first place.

  41. The shape is fine, but I’ve never been a fan of the faux leather look.

    1. Me either. I put a case on my phone anyways. I don’t need it to have faux leather.

  42. That’s a good looking phone for any company. I don’t care who makes it.

  43. Eewww. Don’t like it. I already knew I was either getting the Note 4 or the Ara phone, but if they really do the edge to edge curved design, guess that’ll eliminate the Note 4 from my possible next phone. I can also imagine one would be accidentally making selections on the screen all the time.

    1. yes because they wont have thought about that. sounds like its best you dont try new things buddy

  44. This is an outstansing design. With video being larger and larger with resolution the 128gb storage option, not mentioned here, is really necessary. The water resistant option will be great also and the wrap around OLED display will set a new standard in displays. This should be an outstanding innovation and i would suggest being first in line for preorders as technology jumps create shortages. This is one to get!

    The other related article:

  45. Was kind of interested in an iphone if they come out with the 5.5 inch screen rumor but if this is real, there’s no way apple will bring me back to them with their incremental upgrades (design and spec) this year.

  46. Flexable fully bendable display nothing less will do.

  47. as long as its lighter this would be great. stylus controlled buttons? YES PLEASE! notifications and app drawer on the curved sides? YES PLEASE!

  48. Actually I didn’t realize it was a 3 sided display! Wowowowowowowowo

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