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Concept image based on recently filed Samsung patent

The Samsung Galaxy S5 didn’t do much to change the Korean manufacturer’s current design language. Launching last week across the globe, we saw the same plastic build quality (we aren’t knocking it), soft touch leathery finish on the back (similar to Note devices), and chrome siding that could be seen as a throw back to the original Samsung Galaxy S. Holding the phone side by side with previous iterations, and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference.

But we’ve noticed that when Samsung does get around to changing the design for their devices, they don’t do it with their flagships, but rather with their Galaxy Note line which launches later in the year. Maybe that’s why we’re excited about the prospect of something “different” for the Galaxy Note 4, and what it could mean for future Galaxy devices down the road.

In an interview with Reuters, Yoon Han-kil,  senior vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team, talks about the company’s plans for this year. After mentioning that Samsung will be launching their first Tizen-based smartphone towards the end of Q2, he even divulged a little info on their plans for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Concerned with a “slowing high-end market,” it appears as if Samsung will look towards a new design for the next Galaxy Note iteration, this in an effort to help drive sales. According to Yoon, the next Galaxy Note will launch with a “new form factor,” though remained mum on exact details. He went on to say:

“Our ultimate goal is to make products that consumers really aspire to have. This is how we are trying to find a breakthrough in the stagnant premium market.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 patent

I guess the only question now is exactly what Samsung could be planning with the Galaxy Note 4. We’ve already seen the OEM experiment with their flexible OLED display technology with the Samsung Galaxy Taco Round. It’s entirely possible Samsung could be experimenting with implementing that into the Galaxy Note 4, in fact, we’ve already seen one possible idea Samsung has been experimenting with in a recently uncovered patent filing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 patent

The patent shows a device that’s flat, but features curved display edges, wrapping around the sides of the device. It’s very modern looking and unlike anything we’ve seen from Samsung in the past. And that, my friends, is a very good thing. If this is what we can expect from the Galaxy Note 4 (or perhaps even looking ahead to the Samsung Galaxy S6), would any of you consider going #TeamSamsung for your next Android?

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