Apr 17th, 2014 publishUpdated   Jun 4th, 2014, 3:10 pm

Fickr 3.0 thumb

After introducing Flickr 2.0 almost a year ago, the photo sharing service is getting yet another resdesign on mobile with Flickr 3.0. This is actually the second time the photo sharing service has attempted to reinvent itself, after last year’s 2.0 prettied things up a bit (also bringing with it 1TB of cloud storage), but unfortunately made the app more functionally retarded than ever before. It’s Flickr 3.0 that looks to fix this, while introducing a completely new UX.

With Flickr 3.0, we’re seeing the photo sharing service become more like Instagram than ever before. User profiles, picture feeds — all that. It’s extremely similar to the way Instagram handles picture sharing. Photos can be favorited, commented on, or saved to your device.

Flickr 3.0 Android

Like Instagram for grown ups, you can view photos in much higher resolution than IG (as well as all their EXIF data), edit them using the traditional photo editing tools, or apply a variety of supplied filters. Save those tired memes for Instagram and Facebook. Flickr even added in-app video recording and allows users to not only record HD video and share with your friends, but create zany movie moments by pausing video like on Instagram/Vine.

With 1TB of free storage, we’re going to give Flickr another try. Hopefully we can stick with it this time.

Download on Google Play: Flickr 3.0