Verizon counters T-Mobile’s Tablet Freedom plan by offering 1GB free on a More Everything plan



Just as T-Mobile CEO John Legere predicted yesterday in his press release for their new Simple Starter plan, there would be copycats (also known as competition). Day 2 of T-Mobile’s 3-day announcement revealed T-Mobile’s new “Tablet Freedom” plan. The plan gives tablet owners 1GB of free 4G LTE data a month, for as long as they own their tablet.

Verizon Wireless didn’t waste any time in offering a similar deal, with the nation’s largest network tweeting their own promotion: an additional 1GB of free data for tablet owners. Sound familiar? Verizon says the offer is only good only on one of their More Everything plans, as long as its one that already has 1GB or more of data. Upon activating a Verizon 4G LTE tablet, you’d then be eligible for a bonus 1GB of data, good for as long as the tab is active on the account.

For a list of currently available 4G LTE tablets on Verizon Wireless, you can visit their site here and browse around. Anyone taking advantage of this deal?


Chris Chavez
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  1. T-MO is still the better deal, whether w/the stand-alone tablet plan, or using their best phone package, which has 5GB of tethering/mo.

    1. Agreed. F&%k Verizon, their obsessive branding and their plans.

  2. I’m in need of a tablet since my Nexus 7 has a cracked screen. Might give this a look..

  3. Would someone just create the ultimate DSL killer and be done with it ….$39.99 unlimited hotspot. : ) with throttling at 100GB or so would be the end of DSL

  4. 1GB? Thanks for the crumbs Verizon…

  5. Well I contacted verizon this morning to check on this and they said it was for new activation only. Existing more everything customers get screwed again. Was hoping to get that extra gb would definitely be handy.

    1. Did you really expect any different? It IS Verizon, after all.

    2. I called them as well this morning and they also send me a box of lube… We love being Verizon’s customers!

      1. But their service is incomparable for the most part. At least for me it is.

    3. But the price T-Mo offered the LTE Tablet at cheaper price which Verizon has not offered, second at T-Mo, you get 1.2GB instead of 1GB…. >>>>> telecomvibe(dot)com <<<<<<<

  6. Gee, Verizon. Can I really have 1GB free. Thanks. Oh wait, I have to already have 1GB or more first? Well, ok. I guess that’s alright. Thanks. You’re so generous. Oh wait. Not for existing customers? Nevermind. That’ll help out a few people, but not like TMobile who are getting a lot of people signing up and trying the service and liking it with the free 200MB offer and now the 1GB free offer. You’ve lost the plot Verizon. Don’t go crying when TMobile finishes the 3G/Edge to 4G/LTE upgrades between this year and next year, and people start realizing how overpriced and bloated you are…

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