Newest Chrome Beta update lets you undo closed tabs, adds Chromecast support


Chrome Beta update

Google is pushing out an update to Chrome Beta for those of us living on the bleeding edge. The update adds a handful of extremely handy features, namely, the ability to undo closed tabs. It works similar to Gmail and the like, with a little popup asking if you’d like to undo your action.

The update also adds support for “multi-window” devices, as well as new video features including full screen video with subtitles and HTML5 controls, and the ability to ‘cast some videos to your Chromecast. Oddly enough, YouTube video casting isn’t available quite yet, but then again, there’s always the app for that.

If you want to give Chrome Beta a shot, you can download it free from the Google Play store via the link below.

Download on Google Play: Chrome Beta

Thanks, Wade!

[Chrome Releases]

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  1. Still doesn’t make me want to use that over naked browser pro.

  2. Still no word wrap? A mobile browser is useless without word wrap.

    1. What is a good example to test word wrap? Most sites I visit have a mobile/responsive theme so word wrap is not a factor.

      1. The desktop version of a forum, like androidforums. Yes I realize there are better ways like tapatalk to view that. But it’s a good example. Go try reading some posts in the desktop theme with Chrome. You’ll end up having to scroll left and right. Now download another mobile browser like Dolphin or use the stock Android browser depending on the phone and make sure word wrap is enabled. Double tap to zoom in and it will automatically justify the text. No scrolling left or right it’s great.

        Some mobile websites suck or are missing features. Not to mention on a tablet or large screen phone using the desktop sites with a browser that word wraps properly sometimes can be a better experience.

        The browser on my old ass BB with OS 5 had word wrap smh.

        1. AndroidForums has a great mobile theme that works very well on my devices. Even if I request desktop site, it still looks good. I am going to test Dolphin out again to see how their word wrap works.

          1. Yes it does, but not all websites do I was just using it as an example.

            I have high hopes for Chrome (it’s my preferred desktop browser) but until I don’t have to scroll left and right to read desktop pages I’ll stick with a browser that works correctly.

  3. Chrome Beta has been my full time browser for a while. Can’t wait to find a min to test the Chromecast support!

    1. Totally off topic….The links from my past conversations in disquis don’t take me to the correct conversation/article. All the links go to the current article.

    2. Can we install both — side-by-side?

      As to missing features, I’d like to see a page-encoding selection. A few japanese sites I use are missing the encoding declaration, and no android browsers can work around this problem.

      1. You can use Chrome and Chrome Beta with no conflicts on Android. (none that I know of)

  4. Its been possible to Chromecast for weeks if you know about flags. It works great BTW.

  5. I’m going to call this “girlfriend feature” because now your girlfriend can see your closed tabs.

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