Don’t try this at home: Samsung Galaxy S5 hammer test ends in the most hilarious way possible [VIDEO]


Galaxy S5 hammer test

Okay, these smartphone “stress test” videos on YouTube have got to stop. Why? Aside from breaking my heart every time I watch a $700 smartphone getting destroyed on camera, they can also be downright dangerous. Don’t believe us? Then check out this recent video by TechRax who, upon slamming his Samsung Galaxy S5 with a mallet, ends up puncturing the battery, spraying out noxious fumes into the air and causing the reviewer actual physical harm. Grab the Febreeze, boys and girls. Video below. #Dead.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Do enough people watch these videos that these morons are able to actually make enough money to buy the nice camera and phone and what not? Or is this more likely just some rich kid spending his parents money?

    1. probably rich kid he only has like 600 subs

      edit but all this hype beasting his video might make him some good cash

      1. And this is why people make these videos.

        1. He boils phones and even baked an iPhone in a cake haha

    2. BOGO!

  2. LMFO! What a moron. Get some febreeze or something.

    1. Lol, yeah I’m sure febreeze will fix any damage he may have done to his lungs.

    2. if i was his brother i would have said get it yourself

  3. Instant Cancer in the Air…thats pretty concerning….makes me wonder if other batteries will respond in the same way….instant plane cargo issue if being shipped by air. Can anyone confirm that the fire extinguisher move the battery pulled is normal or happened ever on other smash tests.

    1. Unless you plan on beating your battery to death i think youre safe. I dont see the issue. Plus how is it “instant cancer in the air” ?

      1. the contents of a battery aren’t particularly healthy, and definitely aren’t intended for inhalation.
        and this battery just sprayed its contents through the air quite violently.

        1. Death in an instant.

        2. lets just say if it isn’t oxygen, then its cancer causing

          1. Yeah, that 70% nitrogen in earth’s air is giving all the animals cancer, huh?

            lets just say if it isn’t oxygen, then its cancer causing

    2. Unless it’s a rather violent plane crash, it won’t be a problem.

    3. yeah but Febreeze will fix it lol

  4. But …….. will it blend

  5. Pahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I find it really annoying that people will just throw this much money down the drain. Exploding batteries are awesome, though! :p

  6. How is it throwing money down the drain? It’s about 1-2 business days for a warranty replacement, and this early it won’t even be a refurb

    1. I don’t think the warranty will cover beating it with a hammer.

      1. If you get lost/accidental damage coverage, you can still get the phone replaced for a fee, I think it’s usually around 100 bucks for most newer released phones. Plus the ad revenue from the views he will get on the video will help make up for the money spend on the replacement phone.

        1. Insurance does not cover purposeful damage. It’s in a viral video from a known phone abuser. I don’t think he can lie his way out of it

        2. Not sure what carrier you are on, but the deductible for Smartphones haven’t been $100 for a long time. It’s about $200-$300 now.

      2. Exactly. I mean, who does that?

    2. Warranties only cover manufacturer defects…

      1. Yes, I meant lost/accident coverage. “Fell into ocean while fishing, here, take $100 and gimme a damm phone…” at least it was $100 when I had the note II, not sure if it has gone up

        1. It depends on the carrier. Verizon is 100 for all smart phones. At&t has tiers. Most are 200, Note is 250.

    3. Er… Smashing it into oblivion and cancer clouds with a hammer. I could see maybe doing something like that if it had water damage or some other defect but taking a brand new $650 phone and hulk smashing it is crazy to me. But hey, anything for those little digital thumbs-up’s, right? Lol

  7. He will become very ill from inhaling that mercury. That pleases me. *sinisterly rubs hands together*

  8. he got what he deserves, phone retaliated back! samsung 1, dumbass 0

  9. So this is what Thor does in his spare time. Loki! Get the Febreeze!

  10. LMAO hahhahahahha that was funny as heck

    1. Seriously the best phone abuse video i’ve seen ever lol

  11. swing and a miss?

  12. What an idiot!

  13. for the first time ever a phone struck back after being abused lol

  14. The battery ran for help. Lol

    1. So did the boy

  15. Stupid, I just don’t see what the point is, waste of Galaxy S5 somebody could have enjoyed. NOT funny at at.

    1. I agree, that pissed me off. Obviously you will destroy any phone if you pommel it over and over with a hammer. What a waste, it must me nice to flush away money like that.
      But I still fell off my chair laughing at his stupidity. And I highly doubt he learned his lesson.

      1. I never did like these kinds of videos either, that phone would obviously make a lot of people happy, but in the reality we live in…if this video goes viral, he makes enough money to buy several of them for the cost of destroying one, so it’s an obvious choice.

        1. He wouldn’t make any money if it wasn’t for people like Chris.

          Also making money off youtube videos isn’t that easy.

          Not that he deserves anything for doing this.

  16. well what a waste of a phone… and what have we learned? not a darn thing.

    1. Not to hammer phones. +1 experience point.

  17. Now you can see why some meth cooks stock on LiON batteries

  18. that phone just shitted all over him

    1. Dude – “I’m just gonna hammer this guy all the way to it’s death”
      6 seconds later…
      GS5 – “You first”
      Runs like a raped ape. The death cough at the end was the cherry on top. lol

      1. Lmfao @ raped ape :D

  19. and yet they uploaded it anyways? totally wasn’t expecting the battery to act like a balloon though

  20. Hahahahahahahahahaha~!!! ROFL, can’t stop laughing, that ending. Should be called The NEW! Galaxy S5 Auto Self Defend Mode video. “Don’t try this at home”

    1. Apparently, he went on a revenge boiling water test and damn near burned himself again ROFL.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKUz6xLcwZw

  21. This is Samsung’s *puts on sunglasses* Galaxy S5 Skyrocket edition.

  22. hahahahaha Galaxy s5 revenge mode

  23. Burning batteries stink.


  25. What an idiot!

  26. I guess Samsung’s trick worked. Wouldn’t be surprised if Apple headquarters went on fire because of this

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