AllCast update allows you to stream and mirror to Amazon Fire TV


Koushik Dutta made quick work on getting AllCast up to snuff for the launch of Amazon Fire TV, as the developer has issued an update that will allow you to play all your content from your mobile device on the big screen. It also enables complete 1:1 device mirroring for those of you into that kinky stuff.

Koush was pleasantly surprised that the Fire TV was the best among all the current mirroring solutions AllCast supports. Whereas Chromecast suffers with audio after a few minutes of high bitrate playback and Apple TV sound is not yet implemented, the Amazon Fire TV provided both high quality video/audio and low latency at the same time.

The latency isn’t low enough to play timing-based games such as Flappy Bird, racers or shooters, mind you, but it should be perfectly fine for playing videos and showing photos.

It’s just another testament to Amazon’s desire to provide a device with great visuals and powerful hardware to make for one of the fastest set-top box experiences out there. Head to Google Play for the download if you’re interested, and watch a couple demos of the feature in use in the embeds above and below.

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  1. Does that mean Prime Video can be shoehorned onto the Chromecast?

    1. If your phone and/or local network can handle the performance via mirroring, yeah.

    2. Better said, He shoehorned Allcast into the FireTV. perhaps Prime Video might be able to be shoehorned into chromecast. but before that happens, you will need to install the prime video app on your android phone (currently doesn’t exist), and then that app will need a chromecast button (even less likely), or you could mirror your whole phone to chromecast while your phone is running the Prime Video app (once again, the Prime Video app doesnt exist for install on android yet other than for Amazon’s own kindle)

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