Vine brings direct video messages in latest update, tries to stay relevant


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In the competitive world of social networking, it’s tough out there for budding services like Vine (especially with Instagram dominating the picture/video sharing scene). You may remember back when Instagram (or as the kids call it, IG) launched direct messaging. Well, wouldn’t you believe it, Vine is now here with their latest update introducing — you guessed it — direct video messaging between users.

Vine VMs update direct messaging

It’s fairly simple to use, just click the little messaging icon right next to the usual record button. There, you’ll be taken into the usual video recording menu where you can send your 6 second video directly to friends/family. We guess the biggest problem now is finding actual friends or family still using Vine, but it’s clear the service is doing what they can to bring in new users.

So, what’s ahead for Vine? Well, users have been uploading all kinds of videos today highlighting many features before they went live for everyone. One of which, showed uploading videos stored on user’s smartphones, once again, ala Instagram. We can’t help but wonder if that in an attempt at staying competitive, Vine is losing some of their identity.

Until Google Hangouts adds video messaging, we suppose there can never be too many options when it comes to video messaging.

Download on Google Play: Vine

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  1. 6 minute or 6 second videos?

    1. 6 second! Gaaaah!


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