Apr 3rd, 2014

FireChat thumb

When FireChat launched on iOS a few days back, the messaging service got a lot of buzz. Not because of fun stickers, or some fancy new UI, but because it’s one of the only messaging apps of its kind that allows for chatting without an internet connection.

FireChat screenshot

Using what FireChat calls their “mesh networking technology,” the app is able to connect to other FireChat users nearby (withing a 30 foot radius) via a combination of WiFi Direct and Bluetooth. This makes the messaging service much more social than others, allowing you to chat with stranger on a subway, or during a concert or big event. Because it’s “off the grid,” tinfoil hat types should find a little peace of mind as well.

The app is completely free to download in the Play Store, so give it a shot if you feel so inclined.

Download on Google Play: FireChat

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