Samsung introduces Fingers as the world’s first wearable smart glove


Innovation is always at the front of Samsung’s minds, and they’ve taken things to the next level with their latest product. It’s Samsung Fingers, the world’s first wearable smart glove. The glove has a display embedded in the palm, which is ultra flexible thanks to Samsung’s new 3-inch Super Emo-LED display.


Its specs feature 5G connectivity, 802.11wz WiFi, a hidden 16 megapixel camera, 4GB of RAM, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage, a built-in speaker, weighs 1 gram and is just 0.2mm thin.

Samsung’s Fingers boasts a ton of great features:

  • Talk to the hand: too busy to engage in a conversation with someone? Have them literally talk to the hand. A virtual version of yourself will keep them busy while you finish up whatever it is you’re doing.
  • Palm-Rec: need to know if something is hot or cold? Pour it into your hand and find out!
  • ThermoPad: keeps your food or beverage hot or cold, so you’ll never have to worry about drinking those drinks before they lose their flare.
  • Voice and Snap amp: make yourself heard! Shout into your hand to amplify your voice, and snap the loudest snap that a man has ever snapped. Neato!
  • Solar charging: there are no wires to plug in. Simply lift your hand to the sun and watch those battery levels rise.

There are also several gestures you can perform, natch. Cross your fingers to reject a call, make devil horns to make a call, and use the universal hand signal for telephone to accept a call.



For you pranksters out there, a “pull my finger” function will make a sound of flatulence. Finally, you can contort your hand as if you were shooting webs out of your wrists like Spider-Man to project your display onto a surface.

Samsung Fingers is a great achievement, but it doesn’t stop there. The company also expressed plans to introduce smart socks in conjunction with NASTI, the Nationally Accredited Socks Institute. No idea what a smart sock would enable us to do yet, but we’ll be keeping our eyes detailed. Head to the source link for the obviously fake presser.

[via Samsung]

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  1. right…

    1. First thing I thought when I saw this as well.

      1. yeah my sister already got me this morning with the text telling me she was pregnant (she’s 14).

    2. *sigh* One article is enough on this day. The umbrella gag was funny. I feel that should have been enough. Folks rather see legit news. Just like you many here were cringing when they opened their browsers today…

  2. Wow no heart rate sensor?

    1. check the base of the pinky.

  3. HTC beat Samsung to this by about an hour…

    Yet again, HTC is ignored because of Samsung bribes to the Phandroid staff. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.


    1. *rolls around in bathtub filled with S Money*

  4. Sammy came out with theirs first. AC has had both stories on their site since midnight.

  5. 32GB and 64GB? Ha!
    We’ll only get the 16GB version.

  6. When’s the apple lawsuit coming?

  7. ‘Super Emo-LED’.

    1. It’s the display that cracks without you having to drop the device it’s used in.

  8. Wow. Seriously. I’m unsubscribing to Phandroid RSS. you guys are so So SO slow with news. I read this hours and hours ago on Android Police and Android Central. Jesus.

  9. You overplayed your hand too early in the article with the 5G thing.

  10. I cannot do the middle gesture. With none of my hands. =.[

  11. missed having a funny action when someone does the shocker

    1. Spocker is funnier.

  12. April fools lol

  13. HTC announced HTC gluuv last night.

  14. I’m definitely buying one…

  15. This is actually an amazing idea (to a certain extent)!! Only if it wasn’t fake..

  16. haaahaaahaa

  17. In other news Apple is suing because they’re the first to patent using a device using your hands.

    1. Samsung responds with a special gesture just for Apple. It involves bringing your hand forward and then raising the middle finger

  18. damn i actually believed this. Was skeptical of 5g network though lol damn you April fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hmm, I wouldnt say its the first smart glove. The peregrine is pretty damn smart.

  20. sadly I could actually see Samsung doing this for real.

  21. LMAO

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