Lenovo to leverage Motorola’s name with possible “Motorola by Lenovo” branding


Lenovo’s purchase of Motorola from Google for $2.9 billion sparked a lot of questions. Was Motorola finished? Would Lenovo look to swallow them up and fully integrate them into their existing operations? Or would they let Motorola continue doing its thing just as Google did when they originally bought the Illinois OEM?

Not all of those questions were immediately answered, but CEO Richard Yang has revealed about more of the company’s plans for Motorola. In a recent interview with a German business magazine, Yang mentioned they would want to keep using Motorola’s name in some capacity for a couple of different reasons.

For starters, Motorola may not have a ton of market share in North American and European markets anymore, but the company is widely respected and regarded as a fine manufacturer (especially after their 2013 renaissance, of sorts). That’s what we call “mind share,” and it’s critical for Lenovo to have it if they’re going to succeed. Using Motorola’s name is the best way to achieve that.

Motorola a Lenovo Company

But how will they use Moto’s name? Many suggested they’d stick to the “A Lenovo Company” moniker, a tweak on the name Motorola used under Google’s reign. They may have different plans, though, as Yang threw out the possibility of using something like “Motorola by Lenovo.”

The CEO was more thinking out loud than making a declaration so that’s by no means set in stone, but you have to wonder what it’ll do for Motorola’s image. “By Lenovo” makes it sound as if this was the Chinese company’s brainchild, and that they had everything to do with where the company is today (whether you see their current position as good or bad).

We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a few Motorola execs would be unhappy with that, but alas it’s Lenovo who ultimately has the final say. For what it’s worth, I don’t necessarily believe “A Google Company” or “A Lenovo Company” were much better in terms of suggestiveness, though many will obviously see it a different way.

For now, we’re sure Motorola and Lenovo are less concerned about silly affairs such as branding and naming, and more concerned with bringing out hot products in 2014 (such as the next generation Moto X and the new Moto 360 smart watch) to combat some of the biggest names in the game.

[via GSMInsider]

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  1. how about just Motorola…

    1. Motorola: A Financial Disaster ?

      1. Ouch! Right in the feels.

      2. I guess you’re not a Moto Rooter

  2. still like Lenovorola the best

    1. Motovo?

      1. No, that’s motonovo .

    2. Lenovorola = bloatware, 99 cent store low-quality materials, next android update coming in 2018, ugly design.

      1. Honestly, after using one of their previous Android tablets, this is exactly my opinion of them. I have a feeling they’ll destroy what Google has started doing with Motorola.

    3. We go together,

      Like Lenovorola ka dinga da dinga dong!

      Remembered forever
      As shoobop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom!

      Chang chang changitty chang shoobop

      That’s the way it should be, wha oooh, yeah!

  3. I really don’t care what they call the company, the only thing I want to hear from them is “The Motorola 360 will be available on **/**/2014 for $***.**”!!

  4. Motorola (a Lenovo company), should make premium phones, Lenovo can make their lesser ones.

  5. Motorola a..we can’t make up our minds who we are company

  6. Best to just leave the branding as Motorola, a lot of people didn’t seem to happy about the Lenovo deal so best to lay low on that front.

  7. I’d hoped they’d drop the Moto thing and just call their products the Motorola X or 360, so maybe Motorola could become more of a product name like Galaxy or Nexus while Lenovo is the company behind it. The Motorola X2 by Lenovo , I’d buy that : )

    1. You may have something here

  8. April Fools

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