International Oppo Find 7 goes up for pre-order April 7th



It was last week we saw the Oppo Find 7 officially go up for sale in its homeland of China. Offered up in 2 versions, Oppo announced that the regular 1080p version would be available sometime in mid-April, with the super premium spec’d out version arriving about a month later.

For those that have their hearts set on this beast of a smartphone, Oppo has announced that the Find 7a (aka 1080p international version) will officially be up for pre-sale on Monday, April 7th. They mentioned something about a special promotion offer for those that pre-order, but unfortunately were mum on exact details.

Oppo Find 7a preorder date

The Oppo Find 7a will be available for $500, with the premium version expected to hit $600. The Find 7 will also come in black and white color options, and if you needed a quick refresher on the specs, you can find those below.

  • 5.5-inch 1080p display (2560 x 1440 premium)
  • Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor (Snapdragon 801 with Adreno 330 graphics premium)
  • 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage (3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage premium)
  • 3,00mAh removable battery with VOOC Fast Charging technology — charges up to 75% in 30 minutes
  • 13MP rear camera with LED flash; 5.0 megapixel front camera
  • GPS w/ GLONASS, WiFi ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • 152.6 x 75 x 9.2 mm, 171 g


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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I really wanted a new phone (current phone isthe ONE) I like the new HTC One and love the Sony Z2 ! But my HTC one works flawless! This phone also looks great but won’t have LTE for the U.S so, what I’m getting at is I really don’t need a phone and I’m pretty tired of trying to replace my current phone just BECAUSE.Im going to wait through the summer and will get whatever Google throws at me. For the sake of just not wanting/needing but for just always being up to date no matter how old my phone gets. So really down to two choices nexus 6 witch will probably have a 6 inch curved 1080 screen from LG or god for bid and I may own my first apple device ! But don’t judge me ,cause if apple doesn’t have at least a 4.7inch screen to match my current ONE, then I have only one choice NEXUS . I’ve had both nexus 7’s and have never complained about either. I don’t need the best camera or hardware. I need the most updated fluid flowing everything works phone . thanks for reading my vent.

    1. Don’t know what you mean “won’t have LTE for US” it does it just doesn’t have it for China cause china doesn’t have LTE.

      1. My bad didn’t look that close into it. Oppo made a great phone but I can’t justify buying a phone from an unknown party like oppo compared to my other choices that I have.

    2. Um, it will definitely support LTE in the US as there is a specific Mexico & US version of this phone as per Oppo’s own site. This is going to be my next phone.

      1. But why this phone over the upcoming nexus due in a few short months? Like I said ,I’m in no hurry cause my HTC one is a pretty damn good phone. As far as the camera that so many hate I personally have no issues with it 810 is good inuff. Trust if u haven’t actually used it your basically just going off what haters will tell you about it. Great phone

        1. I didn’t say I hated the HTC One. In fact, I was very excited about possibly getting the phone as I currently have a Verizon Note 2 that I took with me to T-Mobile. I’ve been reading every review and watching every hands on video I can find, and while the device looks absolutely gorgeous, I’ve grown so used to the 5.5″ screen size on my Note 2 that anything less would be a tough sell for me. That’s really my only hang up right now. Just head about the OnePlus phone that’s looking to be a beast too with CM on board as the default ROM, so I’m torn between the Xperia Z2 (which won’t show up in the US for a while), the HTC One, the Oppo Find 7, and now the OnePlus. I for one am thrilled that there are more choices that the typical Apple/Samsung models that US wireless providers are forcing on us. Choices are always good – HTC being one of them, but carrier exclusivity is a problem for a lot of phones and one that I longer plan to subject myself to.

    3. Are you seriously considering going to IOS ? try windows phone before IOS. I’ll give you a couple of months before you are bored and ready to get a new phone.

      1. Acually I wouldn’t mind a windows phone now that they have a notification slide down like android and ios but the problem is the lack of apps. So really only considering iPhone because its more like android now and have apps to back it up. I don’t really care for the bland look of iOS cause it doesn’t really bother me. I have the HTC One and only use two screens anyways , one for blink feed and the other for my folders for most used apps Alla iOS . but windows has really stepped it up now so maybe next year as there app selection grows I’ll try a windows phone/tablet till the 3rd place doesn’t cut it for me but I do LOVE there new Nokia phone.

  2. Jellybean? Wat

    1. Pre-rooted because they love Cyanogemod so just flash it to 4.4

  3. $600? no thanks.

    the OnePlus One will have similar specs for below $400.

    1. If it does, then good for you. Most flagship phones in Australia are $700 minimum. Ranging up to $1000 or more. This is normal for us.

      1. And I thought video game prices were crazy there. It’s truly ridiculous. If they added 10% to smartphone prices in Australia I’d understand but 20-30% is just ridiculous.

        1. Yeah when I bought an iPhone 5S last year (regrettably) it cost me $789 for the base 16gb model. Traded it for an S4 a couple of months after.

          1. You Aussies can complain about prices when you pay what we do in New Zealand. You $200 on top of the USA? We pay $200 on top of what you pay.

          2. Really? Move to Australia. It’s only a three hour flight bro hahaha.

      2. Hi Sean, Sorry for the off topic question. You said you are from Australia. Can you please tell me if Australians people says “North” to mean up, like “The price is north of $500”. And “South” to mean “down”, like “his business is going south b/c of stronger competitors”. Thanks in advance for any info.

        1. I don’t generally hear it myself, but I have heard the south comment a few times, why’s that?

          1. Oh it’s just out of curiosity. Nothing serious.

        2. I’m from Australia, I say north of $xxx or to mean its higher than $xxx… etc…

    2. The One Plus One will have similar specs to the lower end Oppo Find 7A that costs $499, not the premium, $599, version with the QHD screen. Both Oppo phones have a removable battery and micro-SD card slot. 1+1 has non-removable battery and we don’t know yet if it will have expandable memory. I’m leaning towards the Oppo because it is an known entity and I have a feeling the 1+1 will settle a bit to keep the price $100-$150 below the low end Oppo. 1+1 is being manufactured at Oppo facilities.

      If the premium Oppo is released by June with a nice calibrated QHD display I’ll probably go with that. I really like the simple all black look on the front, titanium-aluminum alloy frame, and removable carbon fiber back.

      1. Ummm funny you say that because their motto is never settle. I rather have the OnePlus.

        1. I see spec’s for the Find 7 and photo’s, I only see speculation on the OnePlus.

        2. For a company that has the slogan Never Settle (#neversettle) its really ironic that they seem to be settling. They’re primary focus seems to keeping the costs down rather than being cutting edge.

      2. The OPPO Find 7 looks fantastic. My only concern is how the battery life will be with the QHD screen. The fast charging is nice and all, but not everyone carries their charger around with them all the time (and it sounds like you must have their proprietary charger to get the fast charging). When 1080p came out the battery life wasn’t all that great.

  4. i think you mean 3000*mAh battery :)

  5. Will never see the light of day on Verizon’s network. :(

    1. I blame the irrational doubt about a Non-Apple/Samsung mobile device manufacturer that is prevalent in North America.

  6. Its a beautiful phone, but at between 500 and 600 bucks, I don’t think so.

    1. That’s cheaper then the flagships nowadays, that being said this is a scarcely known or proven Manufacturer. If it does prove to be as good as it claims, and they have the customer service to back it up, I think that’s quite a reasonable price

  7. Wow, this just came out and crapped all over everything – on paper. I really hope it’s as good as it sounds, maybe they’ll give the other manufacturer’s the kick up the a$$ they need to either do some REAL innovating, or at least review their pricing.

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