These HTC One M8 commercials featuring Gary Oldman are the best [VIDEOS]


HTC One M8 commericial Gary Oldman

Allow me to be candid for a moment in saying that Gary mother-freakin’ Oldman is not only one of my longtime personal favorite actors, he is also one of Hollywood’s most underrated, badass actors of our generation. We suppose it’s only fitting that he’s also the new spokesperson in a series of commercials that have just been uploaded to HTC America’s YouTube channel.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after reading the many HTC One M8 reviews hitting the web, the phone has been a bit polarizing in the opinions of the device. It seems HTC had the foresight in predicting this, with their new ads featuring Oldman sitting at his desk, casually mentioning that the all new HTC One was “designed for people who form their own opinions,” proceeded by him telling you to “go ahead, ask the internet” what they think about the phone.

We’re guessing he’s hinting at trying/feeling/holding the phone out for yourself before forming any real impressions. Great advice coming from the Commissioner himself. Which leaves us wondering, what happened to RDJ? You can find both ad spots below.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. so…. ummm..yeah…where is tony starks? I guess Hot Tempting Cheerleaders didn’t make the cut either…

  2. I’m all for GO but these ads are pretty weak.

  3. Lame.

  4. They should probably show the phone a little more…. just a thought.

  5. It’s the device Gotham deserves.

  6. Now….let’s have a running tally on how many times these ads are actually seen on primetime network television.

    1. Saw “Blah Blah” last night on one of the networks. Think it was NBC but I’m not certain.

  7. Man HTC still makes horrible terrible commercials. wasting money buying celebrities when they don’t even show the phone. and they are bad mouthing SAMSUNG great advertisement.

    1. i’m sure you’ll get a raise from samsung after they see your comment.

  8. You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain, right Commissioner Gordon?

  9. horrible ads?? I think these ads are hitting it right then?yes??….lovethem!!

  10. these ads are targeting the people who hate everything..hellopeople

  11. Kind of a smart and different angle. Bait people to look up the phone vs. try and sell it to you in 30 seconds.

    I may be hardcore Samsung but Im sure I’d come across a ton of articles/reviews that make the ANOne seem like the greatest smartphone out.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. People have their smartphones on them all the time. Once they realize that the dude is actually waiting for them to look it up, they look it up and read all these “best phone of the year” stuff.

      This is nice.

  12. Just saw the ad! Primetime on CBS. A step in the right direction, HTC. There’s no question that is a super cool looking phone!

  13. These will turn off a LOT of people, I mean if these were iPhone commercials I’d be sick to my stomach. I hope HTC approaches marketing from at least a couple different angles. I mean how many people are gonna research it anyway?

    1. It means when they go to the stores, they’re going to actually ask about it. People walk into phone stores asking about the popular phones.

      People don’t know about HTC, so they won’t ask about it. It’s Galaxy, LG or iPhones.

      Now HTC will be on that list. While there are others who would probably take the time to actually look it up on their phones.

      IDK… I think it’s pretty slick. If someone looks up “HTC One”, they’ll stumble across all the articles about Best Phone of the Year, or something of that sort.

      1. When you have someone like Oldman telling you to look it up yeah, that’s gonna create more searches on Google but I still think these adverts should focus more on showcasing its features of the phone. Focus on the phone. The phone is what’s important to focus on and its practical features.

  14. this is actually very clever marketing, despite naysayers.

  15. These two ads are not showcasing the device’s best features. Where are the many examples if its practicality? Where’s the phone? I love Gary Oldman but I’d rather see more of the device seeing as how this is an advert for HTC.

  16. These morons… The One Dot View cover is obviously the gimmick that will get people to pick up this phone, so find a clever way to advertise that. (ala Apple) Then find a way to jab at Apple and Samsung with this seemingly better phone. (ala Samsung) Do they learn nothing??? There have been successful ads by phone companies already so why not use what works. I like Gary Oldman, but these ads just remind me of how much I like him as an actor…

    1. This type of commercials – you’re so smart and sophisticated, you can figure it out or already know everything about it… Dumbest idea ever. Why the F do you make a commercial if all you want to say with it is bla-bla-bla? You don’t need to list specs, but you do have to have a message. What’s yours, HTC? We’re bla-bla company? Stupid. Respect to Mr. Oldman, always love him, always the best.

  17. You know what is more badass (or insulting) than a hipster coming up to you while you wait in line for the “second best thing?” Gary Oldman coming up to you and hitting you with a “meh” while you wait in line for the “second” and “third best thing” to come out. Just sayin, use your brains HTC marketing..

  18. Recently ad two HTC phones (Imagio, Thunderbolt). Started counting the days until re-up on both within months. Horrid call quality. They made paying the ETF look appealing…

    Will never purchase an HTC phone again.

    1. Imagio, thunderbolt? Really? LOL!!!

      1. Yeah, HTC is yesterday’s Nokia, Sony, Ericsson news…

  19. Nice commercial. The phone seems nice also. But I have my Note 3 and I use the features in it all the time. And I do mean all the time.
    I take notes for work. I have a kid on the way and jot down questions for the doctor all the time. I use it for meetings. I use it for shopping.
    It does exactly what I need it to do. Be a notepad in my pocket with the added benefit of backing up what I write to the cloud. And it all fits in my pocket and it has the added benefits of everything else that a smart phone does.
    The wife may like the M8 though. She’s simply not into the handwriting at all.

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