Mar 25th, 2014

HTC One M8 commericial Gary Oldman

Allow me to be candid for a moment in saying that Gary mother-freakin’ Oldman is not only one of my longtime personal favorite actors, he is also one of Hollywood’s most underrated, badass actors of our generation. We suppose it’s only fitting that he’s also the new spokesperson in a series of commercials that have just been uploaded to HTC America’s YouTube channel.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after reading the many HTC One M8 reviews hitting the web, the phone has been a bit polarizing in the opinions of the device. It seems HTC had the foresight in predicting this, with their new ads featuring Oldman sitting at his desk, casually mentioning that the all new HTC One was “designed for people who form their own opinions,” proceeded by him telling you to “go ahead, ask the internet” what they think about the phone.

We’re guessing he’s hinting at trying/feeling/holding the phone out for yourself before forming any real impressions. Great advice coming from the Commissioner himself. Which leaves us wondering, what happened to RDJ? You can find both ad spots below.

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