New HTC Sense apps hit Google Play ahead of HTC One 2014 launch; Google Play Edition hinted


It looks like HTC will be looking to decouple some of their apps from HTC Sense starting with the all new HTC One. Brand new HTC Sense applications have started to swirl into the Google Play Store ahead of its unveiling later on today, which we’ll be covering right here on It would be the first time HTC has looked to decouple applications from their firmware, something we hope will become a trend for all manufacturers going forward.

htc blinkfeed update

So what’s up for grabs? The first one is something no one can download — HTC’s BlinkFeed launcher. It seems like only the all new HTC One will be able to download this one, as it has received no ratings or reviews in the Google Play Store. Availability of the latest BlinkFeed update might chance once the all new HTC One launches and more old HTC phones are updated to official firmware, but for now it seems to be showing up as unavailable for all HTC devices.

The next two seem to be available on HTC’s latest devices. One is the HTC Service Pack, which stands to “make your HTC experience more reliable.”

htc sensetv update

The other is the HTC SenseTV app which allows you to browse local listings and even control televisions on HTC devices with an infrared blaster. The app also provides a decent “second screen” experience that delivers up a synopsis, information about casts and characters and more while watching movies or TV shows.

The SenseTV app can also show live scores and stats during sporting events. Of noteworthy mention is the fact that those with the HTC One 2013 Google Play Edition can finally download it, so be sure to take care of that if you’ve been jonesing for it.

htc gallery update

Speaking of Google Play Edition, we might have gotten our first hint that the all new HTC One will, in fact, come in GPe flavoring. The final app in this round of launches is called HTC Gallery, and its Google Play description notes the following disclaimer:

Support for HTC One(M8) Google Play Edition is limited to HTC Photo Edit.

We can’t take that as official gospel just yet, but it’s as close as we’re going to get with the event just hours away. The new Gallery app itself also appears to be available for nothing but the all new HTC One. It’ll give you a simple interface for viewing and editing photos, but that’s about it.

Whether some or all of this will be coming to older HTC phones in future software upgrades remains to be seen, but we should have a better idea of HTC’s plans once all of today’s festivities are over and done with. Stay tuned to Phandroid for continued coverage!

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  1. HTC ZOE is there too but not compatible with the old HTC ONE running United Hype (Sense 6)

  2. It appears those apps are only compatible with non HTC phones and HTC One Gpe

  3. Besides Google Play Edition, this is also so that they can update apps without full OTA updates, jut as Motorola has been doing.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Really, it’s good for both sides because Sense can update in pieces rather than sending out major updates that are very large. The amount of people downloading updates on their data plans might shock you. I always use wifi.

      1. The amount of people that use mobile data without realising it

        is too damn high.

        1. You forgot the photo/meme. :(

  4. Can anyone give me link to apk

  5. Meh. Bring us more One PlusOne news when it gets here!

  6. Service Pack is not available for Verizon HTC One devices.

    1. None of them are available for VZW HTC Ones. :(

  7. While you are updating your OS, hav a look at Mr President, it will mae your loading time only better :)

  8. none of these apps are available for the Three Mobile HTC One (M7) in the UK

  9. Question. I’m planning to buy the HTC one m8 GPE. Buying because I believe it’s the best price for the 32gb model. This will be my first GPE phone. Will apps like Zoe and blinkfeed be included on the phone? or are these apps needed to install them. Also, are these apps identical to the ones that you would recieve if you bought a carrier edition phone? thank in advance

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