OnePlus One’s processor upgraded from Snapdragon 800 to Snapdragon 801


oneplus one cover photo specs

Many hopeful OnePlus One owners expressed a hint of dissatisfaction with the fact that the device would come with a Snapdragon 800 processor. While that chipset is no weakling in today’s society, it wouldn’t have been the latest and greatest available. That title goes to the Snapdragon 801, which is inside the Samsung Galaxy S5 and expected to be inside the all new HTC One.

Thankfully, OnePlus listened to cries to make the phone more “current,” and have sneakily updated their specs sheet to show that they have, in fact, decided to go with the Snapdragon 801 for their first smartphone. They did so with a quick update to their Google+ cover photo.

Snapdragon 801 is a quad-core 2.5GHz SoC that boasts a 28nm process, Adreno 330 GPU, QuickCharge for 75% faster battery charging, integrated LTE, support for Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi ac, 4K video recording and more.

It’s satisfying to see a company willing to be so open about their phone while it’s still in the making. What we didn’t expect was for them to be receptive to user suggestions and complaints and actually act on them. It goes back to their commitment of wanting to deliver the best specs at the best price, and we’re glad to see them staying true to that promise in any way they can.

We still don’t have the full suite of details about this phone, but OnePlus will undoubtedly reveal everything we need to know in the weeks and months to come (especially considering we’re getting quite close to the Q2 2014 release window set forth by the company). Be sure to read more about all things OnePlus One right here.

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  1. Hope that doesn’t push the phone back too far. It is nice to see a company take into consideration the opinions of customers, but I’m ready to meet this phone.

  2. I hope they can stay affordable because I’m looking to buy a phone at full price.

    1. Well they’ve already said it’s going to be under $400. If they don’t keep to that now they’re probably going to lose the majority of their potential customers.

  3. I really would like to ride this unicorn. On paper, they are hitting all the right points.

    1. Their G+ page just posted today:

      Big news tomorrow.

  4. Take my money!!!

  5. Sorry OnePlus I will “never settle” for a phone without a replaceable battery.

    1. It has a replaceable back cover so there’s a good chance the battery is removable as well.

      1. Sadly they have already announced that the phone won’t have a replaceable battery.

        1. Oh okay, yeah that pretty much have kills it for me too.

    2. I thought the same thing, until i got a phone that would last me though a day or fairly heavy use.

      1. Lots of phones will give you that when brand new, what I’m worried about is what the phone will do after a year+ and a few hundred charge/discharge cycles. As it is I replace my batteries about once a year after they stop holding a satisfactory charge.

        1. If you have to replace the battery after a year, that battery was bad to begin with.

          1. It’s been that way for every phone I’ve ever had.

            I should note that I’m very particular when it comes to battery expectations. Unless I can get a full two days out of a battery it’s time for a new one.

          2. Better get used to being the Android hipster who (mistakenly) believes the Oneplus phone is a bad device and that Android was cool before it came around.

          3. There are always a few hundred devices that aren’t quite up to spec overall out of millions from popular handsets. Only half-decent reason for wanting to replace a phone’s battery every year (besides damage).

          4. I’m genuinely curious as to which devices you’ve had that have provided you with such disappointing battery performance and where you bought them from.

          5. If you have to replace the battery after a week, that battery must have come from a HTC device :p

            I cannot get behind a device that does not give me the option to swap batteries if needed.

      2. unless you’re charging your phone 3 times a day you’re gonna get at least 2 1/2 years out of your battery before its starts losing charge. these batteries are rated for 1000-1500 battery cycles before they start not being able to hold a charge.

        by that time, you’re on to the next phone.

        1. I agree. Even a half-decent quality battery should last a power-user about a year and a half. If it doesn’t you either have OCD or you are breaking your devices by not using them properly.

    3. I will never settle for allowing shortsighted people to have the opinion that the worth of a device should be based on something that isn’t even remotely a common problem (battery decay before the time comes to get a new device). If you got a bad battery, fine. If you damaged your device’s battery, all right. General decay breaking or degrading your battery enough to really make a difference to more than 1% of a device’s total units sold? Not bloody likely.

  6. This is my next device, period.

    1. Instead of the comma, the text: “period” and the actual period, you could have used an actual period you know that, right, question mark.

      1. It pertains to making a final statement or action in which there will not be any further contradiction on my part. Maybe I should have gone with “…next device. Period.”

      2. Yo dawg we heard you like punctuation…

  7. I wonder if Qualcomm gave them a lil refund for the 800s

  8. hey, why not?

  9. Boy, oh boy it’s a long wait… : S

  10. GG WP

    1. LMFAO. JK, GTFO.

  11. perhaps if we complain again, the processor will be upgraded to the snapdragon 805?

    1. and get the phone sometime in the fall as the the 805 isnt available yet.

  12. im on board!

  13. They just won a new customer.

  14. So they haven’t started production. I’m interested in the One Plus One but the Oppo Find 7 is at the top of my list right now. If it was available in the US today I’d jump on it. If One Plus One is available first I’ll probably get that, assuming no let downs when it’s fully announced.

  15. Hopefully it’s not an ugly phone, maybe some edge to edge screen to add some sexiness :)

  16. Dual front speakers please

    1. That won’t sit well with their design intent.

      1. Yea I seen the mock up, and it sucks

      2. Won’t sit well with non-audiophiles either. Texting, internet browsing and making calls is a much higher priority for my limited battery life than music. I can always listen to music at home.

        1. Yeah I’m with you. Front facing speakers are a waste of prime, front, screen real estate.

          1. Finally someone who agrees with me on the front-facing speakers feature, and for all the right reasons as well. Respect.

        2. Will get the Pimp my Rom app and remove the on-screen capacitive buttons to get even more real estate. No icons, no on-screen buttons, no nothin’. Just pure screen and wallpaper.

  17. it’s only a 2.5ghz SoC if you have the AC version. the AA and AB version are 2.3.

    1. “Only” a quad-core 2.5GHz processor.

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