Google Now adds real-time incidents reports to help users avoid traffic before their commute


Traffic Incidents (1)

Google Now diehards are in for a treat. Rolling out via the Google Search up today, Google has announced the latest feature to hit Google Now: real time traffic incident reporting. Whether it’s an accident or simple road work, Google Now will now send a notification before you start your commute — allowing you enough time to plan an alternate route. It’s just that smart.

Information is gathered from Waze (as noted in the notification) and like always, doesn’t the require the user to do a thing. Anyone notice this pop up in Google Now yet?

Download on Google Play: Google Search

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  1. anyone having a problem with Google maps where the direction arrow wont change to where you are heading to match your direction ??? i missed so many exits while driving since i got 4.4 on the the gnote 3

    1. i had this…but it fixes itself. it hard as hell using it like that so i feel your pain.

    2. tap the little compass looking icon in the corner it’ll change the mode of the map display. The default is to remain oriented north, tapping that icon will change it so that it’s oriented to the direction of travel.

  2. Haven’t noticed because I already use Waze.

    1. The fact that Waze tracks this stuff is not what’s new. The new feature is that Google Now gives you the information when you need it without ever asking. Google Now learns when you leave for your commute and feeds you info proactively before you ask for it.

    2. I also use Waze daily. If Google Now succeeds too well, people might stop using Waze as much, and then the reporting won’t be as good … It only works if people are actively contributing, and not all leeching.

  3. I haven’t updated yet but I have noticed that recently Google Now launches the Google Maps navigator instead of Waze, which it used to before. I prefer Waze. Hopefully this will change back with this update.

    1. Are you sure you didn’t set it to Google Maps nav as the default on accident? Maybe try clearing app defaults in the settings app.

      1. No, I’m not sure. LOL. I’m using a stock Note 3. In Setttings>Default Apps, I only have Home and Message as apps with default settings that I can change. I’ve cleared defaults for Google Search, Google Maps and Waze and Google Now still launches Google Maps for Nav… any ideas?

  4. I really wish they would dump more funding into this… it has so much potential.

    For example:
    – It needs a better API for developers to integrate with their apps. For both cards and voice commands. Not only would it add a new type of application, which would give them sales, they could promote their compute services and setup an open source project for handling the backend to 3rd party cards, giving people the choice of their service or others that want to compete.
    – It needs to be application aware in a sense that it accepts certain commands depending on what application you’re using, which would be set by the applications. Menu navigation by voice, sort of. Ex: Skip this song
    – Replace “Okay Google Now” with “Okay Google” (doesn’t really matter what, just the current one still feels too long)
    – It needs to be on more platforms, and not just mobile ones, and not just built into Google Chrome.
    – Integrate existing ChromeCast with Google Now, and eventually a variant of Chromecast with auto-on voice recognition through Google Now similar to the Xbox One. If it has to be a small box, add multiple HDMI in ports, beef up the CPU/Memory, and include support for all Google Play Store apps and games. Woah, instant Xbox One competitor, and more revenue for Google Games.

    As far as privacy concerns go… they could address it if they really wanted to. Both in code and in politics. If Google says “this is what we do about security”, people will listen.

    I know it’s only $35 and I can’t expect much, but I’d pay $150-$300 for a decent specs box with the same features as a ChromeCast + Android box. Throw in a bluetooth controller and you have an instant game console/media center. Embed it into Android itself and any superphone becomes the ultimate gameboy, a device that hooks to your TV (wirelessly via MiraCast if supported) or with HDMI, and supports bluetooth devices for controllers and remotes.

    1. Do you have a “tl;dr” version? o_O

      1. Google Now still sucks, and I expected better from Google. lol Not that Siri is any better. They each have their pros/cons.

    2. -it is integrated into some apps, i.e. searching for a movie or actor will open the IMDB app…so it is just up to more app developers, not google..

      -google now is its own app and operates separately from whatever app you are currently using, it is up to the individual app developer to have their own voice commands. That is just the way android is designed.

      – the current command IS “okay google”…there is also other commands that will launch it, like “okay jarvis”

      -it is on every platform, mac, windows,(via chrome, how else would a Google product be implemented?) also a Google now app on iOS. Developing a system level application like google now into windows/Mac/Linux would be a waste.

      –You mean similar to a Chromebox? ( ) just with voice commands?

  5. Every time I enable Google now, my expectations (lower each time) are not met.

  6. I would love this feature in Nexus 6 when it launches this year !

  7. Now this is AWESOME!!!! Anyone who commutes in major metropolitan areas will find this hugely beneficial!!!!

    1. The Waze notifications that have been showing up in Maps for a while don’t mention WHEN the incidents were first or last reported. That crucial bit of information would tell you whether any related traffic jam should be bigger or smaller by the time you get to that point.

      If the notifications in Now are also missing this information, then they’re not so awesome.

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